Winamp 5.63 Build 3235 released

Winamp supports a wide variety of contemporary and specialized music file formats, including MIDI, MOD, MPEG-1 audio layers 1 and 2, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, OGG Vorbis, and Windows Media Audio. It supports gapless playback for MP3 and AAC, and Replay Gain for volume leveling across tracks. In addition, Winamp can play and import music from audio CDs, optionally with CD-Text, and can also burn music to CDs. Winamp supports playback of Windows Media Video and Nullsoft Streaming Video, as well as most of the video formats supported by Windows Media Player. 5.1 Surround sound is supported where formats and decoders allow.

Winamp supports many types of streaming media: Internet radio, Internet telelvision, XM Satellite Radio, AOL video, Singingfish content, podcasts, and RSS media feeds. It also has extendable support for portable media players, and users can access their media libraries anywhere via internet connections.

You can extend Winamp's functionality through the use of plug-ins, which are available on the Winamp site.

Changes since build 3234

  • Improved: [in_flac] Producer metadata support
  • Fixed: Video window reopening after being closed when editing mp4 tags
  • Fixed: Installer crashing when installing Toolbar on Portuguese-Brazillian locale
  • Fixed: [ml_local] Mapping of menu items in album art view

An update pack is available for those who don't wish to download the full installer again: 5.63 build 3234 to build 3235 update pack

Download: Winamp 5.63 Build 3235 Full | 12.0 MB (US English version, Freeware)
Download: Winamp 5.63 Build 3235 Full | 16.5 MB (Multi-national installer, Freeware)
Download: Winamp 5.63 Build 3235 Lite | 3.9 MB (basic 2.x-style mp3/cd player, Freeware)
Download: Winamp 5.63 Build 3235 Pro | 16.3 MB (Shareware)
View: Winamp Home page | Release Notes

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Agreed. I too have used Winamp ever since... I guess I've just gotten used to it too much. It does everything I want it to. I've tried others, but I've always come back to it. Sure, it might use more resources than fb2k, for example, and back in the day that was a big deal, but on today's PC's it's no big deal.

Thanks guys,Foobar is new to me,always was with winamp but no more

foobar actually sounds better than winamp going through my kef speakers

sanke1 said,
Winamp needs a complete re write

I agree: Using modern Windows APIs. The whole styling/theme engine looks horrid. I prefer Foobar2000 for it's use of the native windows themes. Most if not all of the WinAmp themes look ugly as hell and out-of-place. Some of the themes on the Winamp site I used to use back on Windows 98!

Copernic said,


Really? It's been bloated since Winamp 3 + Winamp 2 (aka Winamp 5), it's time for a rewrite. But that can be said about a lot of software these days!

ThaCrip said,
i dumped WinAMP a while back for Foobar2000

And I can assure you, that did the right thing. I also started using fb2k instead of WinAmp, because it used to take so much resources just to play music.

Saex_Conroy said,

And I can assure you, that did the right thing. I also started using fb2k instead of WinAmp, because it used to take so much resources just to play music.

Yeah, but it's also really convenient for converting audio formats like FLAC to mp3/m4a/mpc/ogg which works really well once you setup the proper encoders (i.e. LAME v3.99.5 / Nero's AAC Encoder v1.5.4.0 / AoTuv OGG / Musepack etc) etc.

so Foobar2000 is the best all around music player out there and don't have any bloat either. sure, it's interface is nothing fancy but it's simple and gets the job done and i like how you can configure the default interface to show the audio format it's in along with bitrate of the said files etc and you can even install a ABX plugin for testing two audio files against each other which helps determine the bitrate in which the audio goes transparent to you basically in comparison to the original flac file.