Winamp Comes to Mac, in early Sync Beta

AOL-Nullsoft launched Winamp for Mac Sync Beta, the first Winamp application for the Mac.  Nullsoft reports that many more features are coming soon and promises a "new long-term commitment to the Mac OS platform."

The number one goal for this first (beta) release is to provide a robust sync solution for Mac desktop and Android phone users leveraging our very popular and industry best Winamp for Android music manager. As a bonus, there are a good number of library playback and management features.

Winamp is designed to get you up and running quickly with one-click buttons to import your library from iTunes or from the Mac OS default music folder. If you select the "Keep Updated" option, Winamp will check for changes and add new tracks and playlists every time you restart the application. In the Preferences menu you can add specific folders to "watch" for music added to your Mac desktop, called "Watch Folders". Currently, Watch Folders are only supported on HFS formatted drives. Winamp also supports moving tracks and playlist from your phone to your Mac desktop and you can set the default transfer folder for that as well. All of these features make it really easy and powerful to keep your Winamp library in sync and up to date.

Winamp for Mac Sync provides a straightforward solution for syncing and transferring your music library to your phone. Connect your phone and your Mac desktop to the same WiFi network and you will see your device pop up under the "Devices" node in the nav (make sure you have enabled Wireless Sync in Winamp for Android). Click on the Device name and confirm the simple pairing request on your phone. You only need to do this once and then Winamp will always remember your device. You can set it up to sync your entire library or specific playlists.

Download Winamp for Mac Sync Beta. Sync and manage your iTunes library on your Android device seamlessly from your Mac.

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TsMkLg068426 said,
Isn't this old news already? This has been out for 2 weeks or has there been a update to it?

Why not take a little time and do some research? If you had you would know that this is the first public beta.

Pam14160 said,

Why not take a little time and do some research? If you had you would know that this is the first public beta.

Why don't you take time at not being rude? If you also payed attention when you went to Winamp site it already told you can download this beta on Mac 2 weeks ago. Why don't you do a research on attitude readjustment.

not saying its a bad thing but why do most media players for the mac try to mimic the itunes layout? this isn't the case on windows as much, well or least they are not mimicking the windows media player look

SuperKid said,
Don't look that bad actually, I remember when I used to use Winamp years ago. Now really im just a spotify user

Same here, Spotify all the way now.