Window 8 ARM notebook partners selected?

Windows 8 for ARM-based processors is likely to be a huge new audience for Microsoft's new operating system. Now, according to a new story at Digitimes, the company is letting its ARM-based processor creators pick their hardware partners to create notebooks that will run the ARM version of Windows 8.

The report, which cites unnamed sources, says that the ARM processor companies were allowed to pick a major and a minor notebook partner for their Windows 8 ARM machines, although the story does not make clear what the difference is between a major and a minor partner.

Qualcomm is cited in the article to be working on Windows 8 ARM notebooks for Samsung and Sony. Texas Instruments will reportedly collaborate on notebooks with Samsung and Toshiba. Finally the newcomer in the ARM processor family, NVIDIA, will develop Windows 8 ARM notebooks with Lenovo and Acer. The story says that Samsung. Toshiba and Lenovo are considered to be the major partners.

The story points out that Asus, the world's fifth biggest maker of notebooks, has not been selected as either a major or minor partner for making Windows 8 ARM notebooks. Asus, is using NVIDIA's Tegra processors for its Android tablet products, including the upcoming Transformer Prime tablet which will be the first to use NVIDIA's new quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

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If the newest rumor about the ARM version not having the desktop then it being released sooner rather than later can happen. Only time will tell but that makes the most sence for the ARM version, specially on any tablets.

greenwizard88 said,
I always liked Samsung, and don't particularly care for nVidia. Does this mean I win? Twice? I'd like to think of it as #bi-winning

You won the game...

(prepares for flame war at my face )

But in all seriousness, ARM architecture support will be cool and a nice step forward. I find it funny how M$ is moving into tablets and android is showing signs of moving into desktops. Major power shift?

The rumor is that Windows 8 beta will be upgradable to Windows 8 RTM. It wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft got Windows 8 for Arm out early, running Windows 8 beta, and then just released a massive service pack to update it to the RTM.

bdsams said,
Interesting considering the June 2013 rumor date of hardware being out, time shall tell.

isn't that for arm notebook hardware, and not tablets, which will be the initial arm direction?