WindowBlinds 4.3 released!

Stardock has released WindowBlinds 4.3. WindowBlinds is a program that enables users to customize the look and feel of the Windows GUI. It runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows 98.

Windows XP comes with 3 visual styles (blue, olive, and silver). WindowBlinds enables users to add additional ones without having to modify and of your system fiels. Microsoft has released 3 additional visual styles for Windows XP since release (Xbox, Age of Mythology, and Combat Flight Simulator). All 3 used WindowBlinds to apply them.

WindowBlinds can also change progress animations, toolbar icons, and skin non-theme aware applications including the Windows command prompt. It can even change the color of a visual style on the fly and have different skins per application.

Version 4.3 improves the drawing performance further, reduces the memory use and now has changes to better support SkinStudio's hyper convert (.msstyles can be imported into WindowBlinds with SkinStudio).

WindowBlinds is available stand alone or as part of Object Desktop, a suite of desktop enhancements that recently won an Editor's Choice Award from PC Magazine.

Screenshot: Screenshot 1

Screenshot: Screenshot 2

Screenshot: Screenshot 3

Download: Download WindowBlinds 4.3

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Remember, there's nothing integrated about msstyles. When you're running msstyles, you're runnign the theme service which is, from a programmatic point of view, essentially a cut down version of WindowBlinds.

Msstyles are like Windowblinds Lite bundled with the OS. They work almost the same way.

What apps does WB crash? I don't know of any.

But bear in mind, there are HUNDREDS of exclusions in the registry for msstyles. WindowBlinds only has a handful of programs excluded. So what you're running into could simply be a matter of a larger exclusion list.

Xerxes: Try using the new version.

I used Windows 3.1, it crashed on my machine. Luckily I tried Windows 2000, it was better.