WindowFX 4

WindowFX is the best way PC users can spice up their systems look-and-feel while still adding productivity benefits (such as maximizing windows to a specific size).

New in version 4.0:

  • Custom window animations
  • Enhanced window resizing options when dragging to screen edges
  • Eliminate distractions by drawing attention to the foreground window
  • Enable window momentum when moving windows
  • Window Flick mouse actions to customize window movement, maximizing, and monitor location
  • Allow Flash videos to run full-screen on one monitor (on a multi-monitor system)
  • Semi-transparent windows when inactive or moving a window
  • Keep a clean desktop by automatically minimizing inactive windows after a configurable period
  • Extend right-click window menus with additional features including custom maximized window sizes and always-on-top visibility settings

A free trial is available and WindowFX 4 is just $9.95 for the full version.  It is also part of the Object Desktop suite of desktop enhancements.

Screenshot: Quick feature control
Screenshot: Window management
Video: Window Animations

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Why would i pay for something that just has more bells and whistles than something free that does the most useful parts like quarter screen display like AquaSnap:

p.s. Its multi monitor capable
Stardock is irrelevant to anyone who actually wants to use their computer productively, its only of any interest to the kind of person who also changes their system icons kow, the hardcore basement troll looking for more pretty....

Installed the trial and this is amazing!, i love the ¨Full screen video for dual monitor" and the "Focus" thing. the momentum option is nice though

Island Dog said,
This is a software news section, there's no opinion from Neowin.

And yet, as news poster you are representing Neowin. Just saying...

To state that something is "the best" in this context, is like saying Neowin thinks this is the best.

I fully understand the special relationship between Neowin and Stardock, but I think this steps over the line slightly.

Should we add that Neowin doesnt neccesarily think its the

"best way PC users can spice up their systems look-and-feel while still adding productivity benefits"

and that its a quorte from Stardock or are we going along the lines of Stardock's opinion = Neowin members opinion

hairbautt said,
It has some nice features like Window focus that'll darken your background.

Which would be nice if, when you moved your mouse over a window in the background, it would highlight somehow. As it is, clicking on another window feels like poking around in the dark.

This feels like a flashback to High School and Windows 2000/XP where window animations were cool. Now they are built in... no need to buy extra stuff...