Windows 7 beta receiving test updates on Feb 24

As various Windows blogs are reporting, Microsoft is issuing some test updates for the official Windows 7 Beta (that's build 7000) this month, on the 24.

The purpose of these updates is to ensure that Windows 7 is fully capable of being issued online updates, and to help the Windows 7 check for any problems or bugs. The updates themselves will not automatically be installed, but yet the user will be notified of these and will be offered if they wish to download them. The updates serve no purpose except for testing, and this will be clearly labeled that they are for testing purposes only. You can choose not to update, and instead just hide the files and ignore them. There will be, at most, five updates.

Windows 7 is expected to be released this year, and Microsoft releasing this test shows they are progressing nicely. So remember, this coming 24th, remember to update your Windows 7 Beta install.

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There just testing everything to ensure its flawless, let them do there job! Any software developer with more then one brain cell would do the same thing i hope

Windows Update works perfectly well with Windows 7, why the need to push test updates on everyone. I've never had any problems with the WU service

I don't get why they feel it's necessary to send these "artificial" test updates...they have been pushing real updates for Win7 already, and I haven't heard of reports of problems.

Not that there's anything wrong with more testing...

TruckWEB said,
Ohhhh, finally IE8 RC1 ??

It's not just an update that we should have, but a new build. We are testing old stuff.

microsoft dont update core services in beta builds. that'll come with RC version