Windows 7 upgrade coupon program details revealed

It's common knowledge that people who have purchased a PC recently, or plan to do so in the near future, will (most likely) have it come with Windows Vista installed. It's also common knowledge that Microsoft will allow people to upgrade from this to Windows 7 for a greatly discounted price, but it's only now that some details have been clarified on this.

According to PC World, computer vendors will begin a coupon program on June 26, for people who buy premium versions of Windows Vista. These coupon offers differ from vendor to vendor; some are free, whereas some are not. PC World states that three vendors from Taiwan will provide a free coupon that allows customers to upgrade to Windows 7, if they purchase a PC or laptop between the aforementioned date and October 22, the release date for the new operating system. Apparently the vendors did not wish to be named, in fear of their relationship with Microsoft being hurt, as the Redmond company has not yet published official details about this program.

An executive of one of the mentioned companies stated that this program will cost the vendors between US $9 and $15, so offering them for free is quite handy to customers; with the information on the coupons, people who purchase a PC will be able to download a retail copy of Windows 7 direct from Microsoft's website, upon release. Not only this, but the company will also send the consumer a physical copy of the operating system, presumably for free also. Another executive stated that the coupons will not expire until Jan 31, 2010, but they are designed to convince people to purchase a PC before Windows 7 is released.

PC vendors are apparently worried that since Windows 7 will not be out until October, consumers will choose to hold off on purchasing new computers until that date, leading to poor sales all throughout summer; this is exactly what the coupon program aims to fix. It should be noted that if you happen to purchase a netbook running Windows XP, you will not be offered a coupon. One executive seemed to be worried about this, as the devices are extremely popular due to the benefits they provide.

Other companies, such as Hewlett-Packard, will be participating in this program, but they won't reveal their upgrade plans until after Microsoft officially discloses the information.

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I'm still wondering what program OEMs will be offering not to NEW buyers after June 26, but to recent (say, 12 - 18 months) buyers...

And I'm still holding out hope that Vista Ultimate licensees will get some special love from Redmond...

Current Vista license holders can upgrade to 7 for a discount. Customers who buy premium Vista licenses after June 26 may get coupons to upgrade for free. I would assume 'Ultimate' is considered a premium version.

What more lovin' do you want/expect from Microsoft? That's pretty generous already.

That leaked BestBuy memo said there'd be a special pre-order deal for Home Premium and Professional upgrades (yes, at a very nice price). No mention of what Ultimate users might get, though.

I agree with the sales guys. Netbooks running XP are incredibly popular, and I'm looking to get one soon and would put Windows 7 straight on it. Paying an extra £££ to get Windows 7 would price me out of the market, and I'd end up with a larger PC.

That said, that could potentially mean that netbooks are gonna come down in price as they try to flog 'em - which would mean the next 3 months will be the time to buy one!!

xp to windows 7 isn't supported as an upgrade so you'll need to do a clean install. Upgrade only disks are provided not the full install disc to vista users and for the already mentioned reason no xp user will get a free upgrade.

lee26 said,
Upgrade only disks are provided not the full install disc to vista users

MS doesn't do real upgrade only discs anymore, it might not allow full installs on blank HDD's, but it's going to be the same code that you'll see with a full Win 7 install disc.

Yeah I hope they have some incentives to pump out coupons for Netbook owners. Im sure if the minimum requirements for netbook owners is the intel atom 270 processor (which has been very capable of running 7) then MS will have alot more satisfied customers!

Coupon codes can only be used once plus if they do what they did with vista you'll have to provide your name and address along with the coupon code which will be checked for a match so any leak will be useless.

SaucE said,
I just recently purchased a HP notebook so I hope I will qualify for this once HP announces their plans.

same here her with my computer

Speaking of that, I received an email from them today containing the following text

"We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but for this reason, we have deactivated your subscription, as well as all other subscriptions resulting from the unauthorized publication of the TechNet Plus Pilot Study program registration link on a public blog."

Do you think these "other subscriptions" they mention is the blacklisting of keys? I wouldn't call those subscriptions. Does anyone know if the keys are in fact being blacklisted? If so, what happens to the copies of vista and office ultimate that I've already activated?

Memnochxx said,
Do you think these "other subscriptions" they mention is the blacklisting of keys?

They simply mean yours and everyone else's that subscribed with the invalid link.

It's extremely unlikely that MS will blacklist those keys, for a few significant reasons that have been covered elsewhere.

Historically, MS has only blacklisted keys when they've leaked into public distribution. What THAT means should be obvious: don't leak any keys you got, and you should be fine.