Windows 7 Upgrade Program shifts to June 28

TechARP has updated the Windows 7 Upgrade Program schedule with some slight changes. According to the new schedule Windows update program will begin on June 28, 2009 instead of July 1, 2009 which Neowin sighted earlier, and users who purchase PCs preinstalled with Vista between the dates June 28, 2009 - January 31, 2010 are eligible for a free Windows 7 upgrade.

Microsoft will allow only 5 upgrade requests from eligible end users (consumers or small businesses) to upgrade to Windows 7. This means that a user with 12 upgrade coupons will have to visit the fulfillment website at least 3 times to order all 12 upgrades. However, a maximum of 25 upgrades are allowed for each qualifying end user's mailing address. Customers with more than 25 PCs are encouraged to opt for a Volume License.

Microsoft had already confirmed that customers can purchase upgrade media and an upgrade license at a discounted price to move from Windows XP to Windows 7. Users with a Windows XP Downgrade license can also now upgrade to Windows 7. However, Microsoft to its corporate customers, still recommends an upgrade to Vista before Windows 7.

But for users who wish to downgrade to Vista from Windows 7 (which I think many users wont), they will have to uninstall Windows 7 and re-install Vista using the Windows Vista recovery media recovery solution which is provided by the OEMs when users purchase a new Vista PC.

If you are looking to upgrade your Windows Vista to Windows 7 beta, you can read our upgrade process overview here

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I do hate it when someone like myself is termed as a Vista-Hater, the fact is, it's unpopular like we've not seen since Windows ME.
It's like this for a reason, it's not a witch hunt.
I use both Vista & XP, I know both very well and it's obvious XP is a faster system, and it's obvious Vista is a more secure system.
The fact is, for most machines I use, XP does it better, I have no reasons for wanting to use Vista, no incentive.

Sure, for a noob user, I'd say get Vista - ideal for them, but advanced users, coders etc - I know very few that use Vista.

Windows 7 looks like the answer, can't wait to try it and hope I see some improvements over XP

As an "advanced user" and a coder, I'm curious why you think XP is better than Vista. The Win32 API hasn't significantly changed and unless you're writing drivers I doubt a program written for XP will not work for Vista.

I think it's pretty funny that people condemn Vista but are so quick to embrace Windows 7, particularly since it's a hell of a lot closer to Vista than it is to XP.

@Exosphere Been using Vista since its released and I am a Windows Developer - Cant complain anything except of those firewall/UAC issues which are totally new in Vista. I do not consider them nagging, they are very good additions to Vista which is now taken to Windows 7

And, I know many developers who use Vista!

I'm a developer and I use Vista - although I'm the only one at my workplace that does (the systems guys are using me as a guinea pig). I literally have 0 issues with it (although VS2008/.NET 3.5 SP1 have been giving me fits lately - but this is happening to the XP guys too).

Personally, I'm happy with Vista. The only way that I've experienced it being "slower" is that it seems to take up to 500MB more RAM than my XP laptop did - definately not good, but with 4GB I rarely notice. From what I hear 7 is going to fix this issue. As for reason to use Vista - the #1 for me is ubiquitous search. I'm quickly frustrated using XP anymore because I can't search from the start menu, control panel, explorer windows...etc. Other than that, I like the look better, it has some nice features for laptops, I actually like UAC, it seems more stable overall.

For me, there's no "big reason" to use Vista - just a lot of little ones. Although I can see that for some people there is a big reason not to - 500MB RAM can be a deal breaker to some.

I'm a bit confused about the XP downgrade thing. If I buy a laptop now (i.e. BEFORE the start of the program), that comes with Vista preinstalled and an XP Downgrade disc, will I be eligible for a free update to windows 7?

lol @C_Guy ... yeah i've spent far more time on Vista than i had intended, got it with a new PC ... figured i'd pop in my old XP pro cd and be done with vista, then i started to enjoy it, the vista haters have no clue what they are even talking about, but i'm thankful the vista stepping stone will not of been for nothing

i tried the beta on my xps 1530 and everything worked out the box, i was very pleased, same goes for an older acer 5630, originally 'vista premium ready' runs great, minus the sleep issues which have already been noted by MS

wish i could get 7 with some discount but i'm not too disheartened, vista sp1 has been great to me so far... 0 BSOD in 11 months, well there were about 10, but those were brought on by myself and tinkering around

Anyone who doesn't like Vista will probably not like 7 because 7 is Vista with some changes. I use Vista 64 on my home computer with absolutely no issues at all. In fact, I've had more issues with Leopard than I have with Vista.

Windows 7 should be given for free as a form of apologia to anyone and everyone who spent more than one second of their life using vista.

Why? I love Windows Vista. Have you ever used it? Even if I thought it was a POS, I didn't have to buy it or use it.

Don't mind James, He's frustrated because Vista is simply too complicated for him. Perhaps DOS would be more his speed?

C_Guy said,
Don't mind James, He's frustrated because Vista is simply too complicated for him. Perhaps DOS would be more his speed?

Quite the opposite, Vista is too simplistic, too slow and annoyingly trying to be slick, XP just does the job.
There's nothing I can't do in XP that Vista would do for me apart from doing it slower.

You have to buy the system via a company that is participating in the promotion. Some may choose not to.

Last time I did it for Vista and most of the actual contact was done via HP Sales besides the actual claim form itself. Confirmations and that came from HP however.

So it *may* apply to refurbs if the company selling you the system is participating AND their participation covers refurbs.

I would like to apologise to the user who I offended earlier with a comment I made regarding americans understanding of the english language. It was not made to offend anyone. I even have an american girlfriend but anyways I apologise.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that if Microsoft have moved the date forward that Windows 7 will not be far behind, would you give out free Windows 7 if you were microsoft ? Neither would I !!

It's only moved like 3 days. And it's not exactly like they are doing it for free, your still buying an OS just you get that transition over once Windows 7 comes out. It makes perfect sense rather than cannibalizing sales in the mean time if they don't offer some upgrade promotion.

So- back to the thread topc, does this do anything for those of us who actually bought the full or upgrade versions of Vista, in other words the likely earlier adapters who paid a lot for it? Apparently not...

Nor should it. As with every Windows release there will be Upgrade versions available at a reduced price if you so wish. Early Vista adopters would have had the chance to get a free XP to Vista upgrade anyway back in the day if they were buying a machine at the time.

It's good Microsoft is doing this. I guess it's good for their image? It doesn't seem like an MS thing to release something for free.

I guess it's good for their image?

That depends on how the end users interpret it. They did this with Vista as well, but the end user interpreted it as a desparate move to get the "failing" OS out the door. Regardless this is obviously a good business move, while it will cost them (financially) it will help grow the initial install base quickly. It will be interesting to see how quickly 7 overtakes Vista's market share.

yert* said,
It doesn't seem like an MS thing to release something for free.

Well, they are going to be releasing an anti-virus program for free sometime in the future :)

Maybe they're starting to have a change of heart? :P