Windows 8 Complaints app creator speaks, says he pulled his app

On Friday, we reported that Windows 8 Complaints, an app that had been made available for download from Microsoft's Windows Store, had been pulled from the store a few weeks after it was published. At the time the app was first made available in the store in early December, we attempted to contact its mysterious creator, listed only as "Software Developer", but did not receive a response.

Today, a comment in our article on Friday was posted by a person who claimed to be "Software Developer", who says he pulled the app from the Windows Store and that Microsoft had nothing to do with it. We have since received proof from the author that he is indeed the creator of the app via screenshots of his Windows 8 developer console that shows the number of downloads the app received before he pulled it on December 14th.

The comment post today stated:

I can clear up a few angles of speculation for you. The developer unpublished the app from the store. Microsoft never asked for it to be taken down, and Microsoft did not take it down. It won't come back until new features are added, if ever. Something like the ability to respond to complaints or to provide support/training material in some form. While it was interesting to look at, at least 90% of the complaints were from folks who had no clue what they were talking about, straight up trolling or were not even valid but there were a couple gems. The software developer loves Windows 8. The Windows 8 complaints app had implemented more Windows 8 features than 90% of the apps in the store, check the features list if you like.

I made the app to generate ad impressions, which it did, with a handful of sarcasm and a pinch of bad judgement. But later decided it was more harm than good in its current form. Microsoft is not an evil company like Apple and Google. You can see examples of this in that the OSx EULA that prevents people from running it as a VM on non-apple logo branded hardware without becoming a software pirate and every single other thing Apple does that constantly angles everything toward their own man purse. Yeah, I said man purse, ever see a woman on stage doing an Apple keynote or in executive suite? Or the pay to play nature of the Google shopping results list and countless other examples. Microsoft does it right so many times.

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Just a few days ago, this guy was a hero for some. He was attacking Win8, trying to show the supposed failings of Win8, using Microsoft's own store to do it, then being oppressed by the "man" by having his app removed by the big, evil corporation. Now that he has spoken out against Microsoft's two biggest competitors, those who once held him up will spare no expense to bring him down.

Luc2k said,
Nobody has attacked the dev in the comments so far, yet here you are claiming otherwise.

This article was posted less than an hour ago, on a Saturday. You can't tell me that there will not be some upset people for the way he went after Google and Apple. And being there was already a comment about "2 bit" developers who only like Win8 because they can make money, and the author of this software is a developer, developing Win8 apps, and made money from his app, then it is an attack against him.

It was posted because it brings hits seeing how polarizing W8 is. I'm sure there will be some, you can find people upset over the silliest things on the internet. It just doesn't seem right to me to defend something that hasn't been attacked yet.

The comment about 2 bit was obviously referring to people defending W8 at every turn on this site. Unless this guy is a neowin member and one of the ever vigilant defenders, the insult does not apply.

Look over his comment history, he makes the 2 bit comment or something similar over and over, claiming that then only people who like Win8 are developers who will make a financial gain by writing apps. He called me an incompetent developer who could not write real software so I had to turn to writing Win8 apps. I am not going to go into what software I have written, because it would give out some info about who I am, but let's just say that I have written some software that is quite popular.

nohone said,
Look over his comment history

right back at you buddy.

fwiw I don't think I have ever said 2 bit before, but you are one of the constant trollers extolling how good windows 8 is, despite all its flaws, lack of features, lack of usability, dumbed down interface, its failure in the market place, and the overall consensus on Neowin (and elsewhere) that Windows 8 is rubbish.

I am not defending that guy, he was trolling and quite badly at that, but he was not talking about the guy in the story. He was talking about neowin members and my point wasn't about that.

As for you being on the receiving end, you can report him, troll him or ignore him. This is the internet, don't take everything so seriously.

dvb2000 said,

fwiw I don't think I have ever said 2 bit before... rah rah rah.

Geez, your memory must be incredibly shot if you can't recall what you said an hour prior, on this very page

dvb2000 said an hour prior

looks to me like Neowin is more full of 2 bit programmers who want to get their name on the app store

Ideas Man said,
said an hour prior, on this very page

lol - suggest you re-read the whole thread/post.
OBVIOUSLY I said it in this post, that was the whole context of the reply!

I have no problem saying that I enjoy Win8 on my Surface, desktop, and laptop. And I have no problem knowing that Win8 is not for everybody, there are people who like Mac, Linux, Win7 or even XP. To those who enjoy those other OSes as opposed to Win8, good for you, use what you like. However, when people like you launch personal attacks not just in general (the only people who like Win8 are developers who are making money from it) but directed to people like myself when you attacked my developer credentials without knowing one damn thing about me, or when you and others attack people who like Win8 simply because they do, calling them stupid, not power users, and other comments like some of those who do not like Win8 have done, then you better believe I will call them, and you, out on it. And I will do it without apologies. And if you don't like it, well, get used to it.

this guy is awesome.

he was able to get his statement trashing the Microsoft competition onto headlines on sites with a lot of users,first by suckering and reeling in all the apple/android fanboys(who are most probably using a pirated or trial copy of windows8 because they secretely love it), then embarrassing them.

hats off to you good sir

All this proves is how desperately Windows 8 critics will claw for anyone and anything to affirm the conclusion they came to 30 seconds after watching the first unveil of the Start Screen two years ago.

They'll see a battle that never even took place.

Anyone who read the original story and did NOT choose to reserve judgment until hearing from all involved parties is a failure of human intelligence, logic, reason, and responsible thought. They jumped to conclusions in a bad way, and they should feel bad about themselves, because the thought process ingrained in them is the same process they're applying to other aspects of their lives, and is an indication of the quality of their actions.

"Microsoft is not an evil company like Apple and Google."

Oh wow, it's like the 1990's never happened! I hope this guy publishes the designs for his time machine soon.

NEXT: Hitler was a saint! unlike Bush/Obama/[insert current object of hate here]

Arthax said,
Oh wow, it's like the 1990's never happened! I hope this guy publishes the designs for his time machine soon.

NEXT: Hitler was a saint! unlike Bush/Obama/[insert current object of hate here]

Even when Microsoft was embracing capitalism to its fullest, they still had more women in management and other corporate goodness that the app maker is talking about.
LASTLY: He would be had they won.

Again, the Windows 8 trolls are back with their lies. Let me tell you something you'll never forget: Windows 8 is the best damn OS after Windows 7. Why? Who cares about the Start Screen because we got ISO/VHD mount, we got fast boot times thanks to the new kernel mode hibernator, we have the new Ribbon UI in File Explorer and we have Storage Spaces to extend your storage and we have File History and last but not least we have a new Task Manager. Also we have Windows To Go a portable Windows 8 on your USB and Hyper-V. 8 reasons why Windows 8 is superior compared to Windows 7 without talking about Metro. Get used to Metro or get a start menu replacement OK. Windows 8 shouldn't be dismissed as a Metro touchscreen tablet OS, because the Windows Desktop has a host of improvements. One extra thing: You can even pause and see live file operation results in File Explorer.

Just remember:
Windows-8 for tablets.
Windows-7 for laptops and desktop.
One gets into trouble when one uses an OS for purposes for which it was not designed.

I installed Win8 as an upgrade (yes I call it an upgrade) on a few friends PCs and games like Need For Speed and World of Warcraft run better because of how much lighter the OS is compared to 7. I have had questions on how to get the control panel up and how to do this or that, but most have gotten completely familiar with it after about 4 hours of readjustment. I do miss somethings from Win7 like the old task manager. The only thing it has annoyed me so far on is supporting older Bluetooth Hardware, but that is more Dell for example and Broadcom not wanting to support drivers for it.

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