Windows 8 getting three critical security updates next week

It's been two weeks since Windows 8, and its ARM cousin Windows RT, were released to the general public. Next week, both operating systems will receive their first security updates from Microsoft since their GA launch as part of the company's regular monthly "Patch Tuesday" event.

Microsoft issued its bare-bones alert to the upcoming patches on its Security Bulletin page today. There will be a total of six separate updates released by the company on Tuesday, November 13th that will fix 19 separate issues on a number of software products. Three of the updates will be for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, and all are described as "critical". Two of the updates will be for Windows RT, which is being used for Microsoft's new Surface tablet. One of the patches is called "critical" while the other is simply "important."

As usual, the specific details about what is being fixed in these updates won't be revealed until the patches themselves are available for download in order to not give hacker groups an advanced heads-up. Last week, a French security company called VUPEN claimed to have discovered a "day zero" exploit in Windows 8 but did not reveal what that exploit was to Microsoft, preferring instead to sell this information to governments and large corporations. Microsoft said it saw VUPEN's claims but did not comment on if they might be accurate.

Source: Microsoft Security Bulletin page

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It is completely normal and expected for any newly-released operating system to have security and non-security updates released for it, whether it be from Microsoft, Apple or a Linux distro. In the words of South Park's Officer Barbrady, "...[N]othing to see here folks."


Aryeh Goretsky

When persons say already, what this means is efficiency in patch management. We must give praises to Microsoft for being able to deliver patches this quick. Kudos MS.

Actually...after I installed Windows 8....the updates were not even near as many as the day Windows 7 was available. The day Windows 7 came out...I got the disc and right off the bat..there had to be close to 20 patches already in windows update.

So...I say the patches for first day availability of Windows 8 are way under the number than Windows 7 was.

I suspect windows 8 will is not hackers Favorited OS. but that doesn't change the fact that they don't like to hack it. I believe its the most secure Microsoft OS ever but not a beloved one.

Other non-security updates to be released are listed here:

4 of them shows as being an "Update" for Windows 8 / RT. Not sure what they are though, as the KB article pages for them don't see to exist yet. I really wish MS would return to putting a more helpful description against updates, instead of... "Install this update to resolve issues in Windows.", which let's face it tells you absolutely nothing so why bother with a description at all?

Hum said,
Already ???

What do you mean "Already ???" ? The OS hit RTM on the 1st of August, over 3 months ago. Are they not allowed to patch security flaws in a new OS that's 3 months old or something?

In other news, software written by humans has bugs.

Hum said,
Already ???

Wow you must be an infallible perfect programmer who codes once with no bugs and ready to ship in production, and no patch needed ever!

thenonhacker said,

Wow you must be an infallible perfect programmer who codes once with no bugs and ready to ship in production, and no patch needed ever!

MS currently holds the record on KLOC in all their released products combined. That as the biggest software producing company... not so bad