Windows 8 PC upgrade prices confirmed for UK

Microsoft announced a few months ago that residents of the US would be able to upgrade their older Windows XP, Vista or 7 PCs to the new Windows 8 OS for just $39.99 until January 31, 2013. Today, Microsoft has confirmed that UK residents will pay about the same price for the same Windows 8 update offer.

ZDNet reports that, according to a Microsoft statement, UK citizens will have to pay £24.99 to get the downloadable Windows 8 update for their older Windows PCs. Under current currently exchange rates, that means the UK upgrade price will be close to the US price.

However, that is not the case for people who buy a new Windows 7 PC from now until January 31, 2013. In the US, those folks will pay $14.99 for their upgrade to Windows 8. However, Microsoft has confirmed that UK residents will pay £14.99 for the same update.

Under the exchange rates, that means the US price will be much cheaper than the same offer in the UK. For the rest of Europe, the new Windows 7-to-Windows 8 upgrade will cost 14.99 euros, which again will be cheaper that in the UK.

Source: ZDNet
UK PC Image via Shutterstock

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Well i didn't see that coming, i'd already budgeted using the Adobe method of conversion. i.e. £1 = $1. So this is a nice little surprise.

Are the restrictions for the £14.99 and £24.99 upgrades the same? I read somewhere that the £14.99 upgrade will only be single usage (activate on a single PC), does the same restriction apply for the £24.99 upgrade?

lcg said,
I think it's an excellent price.

+1, I think this is a great price. Much more affordable than previous Microsoft Windows

lcg said,
I think it's an excellent price.

And here's me thinking Microsoft would jump on the rip-off Britain bandwagon and simply exchange the dollar sign for a pound sign.

SammTracey said,
We always pay more in the UK.
That's not more, if you look at the link I posted. US price is $39.99... From 39.99 USD = 25.3327 GBP

SammTracey said,
We always pay more in the UK.

Also the UK price always includes tax at 20% whereas generally listed prices in European and US countries don't include their local taxes which vary by country or state.

In theory £25 is only £20.82 without the tax, or a mere $32.87.

Doing a similar thing to the £14.99 figure we get £12.49 which is only marginally more than 14.99 Euros at a 15.76 Euro equivalent.

Of course home users don't care about the price without the tax, but comparing with it included is so difficult with so many prices.