Windows 8 RTM language packs leaked to web

So far there have been a huge number of Windows 8 RTM-related leaks before everything hits official channels next week. First we saw Windows 8 Enterprise N leaked, then four more RTM ISOs and then methods to activate the leaked copies started appearing. Now we are seeing a number of language packs leaked for the Windows 8 RTM, both standard (client) and server editions, in ISO form.

Over at WinUnleaked a user has mentioned that two separate language pack ISOs have leaked, and also left us with a screenshot of what is inside said ISOs. After some digging we found the packs were leaked by PCBeta, complete with active download links which naturally we aren't going to share.


Windows 8 will be made available on August 15th for MSDN and TechNet subscribers, and on October 26th for retail purchase. Although pricing has yet to be confirmed, a rumor suggests that Windows 8 Pro could be made available for around $70 dollars, or at the confirmed $39.95 upgrade time-limited offer.

Source: WinUnleaked | PCBeta

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That's a lot of language. Unfortunately, I only speak one. Nice to know that it is free to all SKU's. I just never saw the point why this was a premium feature in Vista Ultimate and Windows 7 Ultimate.

One question, why some packs are 160 and some others 20? Are there things they don't translate? I would understand a difference like 80-110 but 20 and 160? It is such a huge difference. I don't understand very much so any comment on this would be appreciated.

I want in on English UK, but i suppose it's better to wait for the MSDN version, am i right? Every time I installed Windows in English and then put another language on top like Spanish, it is not as clean. There are always mistakes, labels not translated and so on. I'd rather installed the native UK version.

And just how these leaks happen so much? Surely it's not a bunch of evil kids with hockey masks and water pistols storming the Microsoft building?