Windows 8 RTM now available for all Volume License customers

Since the middle of August, Microsoft has been slowly but surely allowing the RTM build of Windows 8 to be released to a select number of people. Today, those numbers should increase even more.

As per Microsoft's own schedule, the RTM build of Windows 8 should now be available to purchase (or soon will be) by Microsoft Volume License customers without Software Assurance. Those users should be able to buy their copy of Microsoft's next OS through Microsoft Volume License Resellers.

Existing Microsoft Software Assurance customers have been able to get their copies of Windows 8 for a couple of weeks now, as have subscribers to Microsoft's TechNet and MSDN services. Windows 8 can also now be legally acquired by Microsoft Partner Network members, Microsoft Action Pack Providers (MAPS), and DreamSpark Premium subscribers. On Thursday, a couple of days ahead of schedule, Microsoft Intune subscribers could also start downloading their bits of the Windows 8 RTM build.

And with that, the early launches of Windows 8 are now complete. The final date in Microsoft's official launch schedule for Windows 8 won't be until October 26th, when OEM makers can start selling PCs with Windows 8 pre-installed.  The general public will also be able to purchase and download an upgrade for their old Windows XP, Vista and 7 PCs to Windows 8 on October 26th for $39.99. People who purchase a new Windows 7 PC right now can get the same upgrade for just $14.99.

Source: Microsoft Windows blog | Image via Microsoft

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a51Mot said,
So.. How do I get Windows 8 if I am using Linux and want to change? -> downloads -> click on downloads trial/eval .iso file
burn the dvd and and reboot ?

ACTIONpack said,
I'm guessing there going the Apple route with hardware is where the money is.

How is that related to the article?