Windows 8 RTM Party? Bake a giant Surface cake!

Microsoft knows how to reward their staff. After finally reaching the RTM milestone for Windows 8, they decided to have a giant cake baked to celebrate. The cake was made up of a table and five surface devices sitting on it, all with various screenshots of the lock screen.

Make what you will of any “fully baked version of Windows 8” jokes, as the party represented two years of development for the touch oriented Windows 8 interface, along with the changes that have been made under the hood to improve performance and system stability.

It’s not the first time Microsoft has done something with their staff to celebrate the release of the newest version of Windows. They toppled 7000 dominoes in their Hyderabad centre in India following the release of Windows 7.

Is anyone else a little peckish for cake now?

Source and Image: The Verge
Video: YouTube

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Mr. Dee said,
Looks like a casket. I am very unimpressed with the lock screen images. Thank goodness I can change them.

How do you change the cake's lock screen?

Uplift said,

ha, i hope microsoft do another launch party so we can all have a fake windows launch party and get a free copy.

Hey! I actually hosted a proper party and we all got trashed in the name of the awesome pack given! I still use the tote bags to this day