Windows 8.1 Preview now available for PCs with language packs installed

Previously Microsoft announced that the Windows 8.1 Preview couldn't be installed on devices with language packs installed due to an unspecified issue, with English (United States) the only officially supported language. Now it appears Microsoft has opened the doors to those users with language packs installed to install the preview through the Windows Store.

Not only did we get a tip from a reader (thanks Ryan), but we also checked on one of our Surface RTs here at Neowin with the English (Australia) language pack installed, and for the first time the Windows 8.1 Preview installer allowed us to download the Preview from the Windows Store. This likely means users in other locations can also download the Preview for the first time through the Store.

If you want to download the Windows 8.1 Preview through the Windows Store, click here for a link to the installer download, or alternatively click here for links to the Windows 8.1 Preview ISO files. If you're running Windows RT on a device such a the Surface RT, your only option is to download through the Windows Store, so now is the first time you'll be able to update your devices if you had a language pack installed.

Update: We're getting mixed reports that some people can now download the Windows 8.1 Preview with a language pack installed, while others can't. Let us know in the comments below if you're having difficulties downloading the update, and perhaps try this workaround if you really desperately want to download the update.

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That is entirely your decision, and Windows 7 is a very solid OS!

I will say, however, that while all the fuss about Windows 8 in the press is all about the new Metro start screen and apps, what doesn't seem to have gotten much or any press is just how MAJOR the updates to the Desktop are. Everything from navigation, file transfer, initial start up, and program launch times have been improved. It's also a lot more secure too.

I had to go use a friends Windows 7 machine the other day to get some work done and it felt like being back in the stone age!

If you're a non-touch desktop user then 8.1 will allow you to boot directly to desktop, disable hot corners, and essentially run the OS like you do on Windows 7, only it'll be faster, and allow you to be more productive. And if you're clinging on to the start menu (for some reason or other) then $5 gets you a Start8 license and you're good to go!

I'd really recommend giving it a try once it RTMs, if you use Windows 7 for work, or consider it "more productive" than Windows 8, then you're really missing out.

Not working here. I made an uninstall, and installed it again, still not working here (even with US- Eng as default language)

Yeah, the same old error, I've checked the region, language, etc. all are Eng. AU but still no chance. Maybe it takes time to roll it out!?!

Occasionally I wonder if I should just accept having US English versions of everything installed.

Then I seem something like 'Armor' written in a game and I remember how wrong US English is

ChristopherSmith said,
Then I seem something like 'Armor' written in a game and I remember how wrong US English is

It's just less French.