Windows Blue may reach beyond Windows, could be a noteworthy upgrade for Microsoft

We have been hearing about Windows Blue off and on for the past few months and what we initially thought would be an update to Windows 8 and possibly landing this summer, Mary Jo Foley has some dug up some new information about the update and it looks like it Windows Blue may extend beyond the Windows platform.

MJF, citing a well trusted source, says Blue is not only an update to Windows, but a wide swath of updates that will come across many platforms including Windows Phone, SkyDrive, Hotmail, and Windows Server.

In addition to the update to the major platforms, Windows Blue might be arriving via the Windows Store as opposed to a more traditional download and install based package. This makes sense as Microsoft would have more control over the distribution of the service through one integrated platform.

So what about Windows 9? It is apparently still on the roadmap but no timeline has been set. Many had thought that Microsoft would possibly kill the major branding updates in favor of waves (like Blue) to shorten release time between major updates.

With an updated release timeline such as Windows Blue, it would seem that Blue will be a package of small improvement to the platform as opposed to a major update and rebranding to Windows 9.

While we wait for Microsoft to come clean about its plans and the future of Windows 8, you can talk about Windows 8 developments in our Microsoft forum.

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Microsoft has consistently followed a pattern of releasing a platform that has loads of really good and major advances in it but needs refinement, followed by a follow up that makes them really solid and realises their potential:

Windows 3.0 -> Windows 3.1

Windows 95 -> Windows 98/98 SE

Windows 2000/Me (the core and business stuff was in 2000, the consumer-friendly stuff in Me) -> Windows XP

Windows Vista -> Windows 7

Windows 8 -> Windows Blue? (I realise Blue may still ship under the Windows 8 moniker)

Hopefully this is exactly what we're going to see. Windows 8 has lots of really good, innovative stuff but it's too much to get it really right in one product iteration. So I expect with Windows 8 being pretty good but with many rough edges, that Windows Blue has a good chance of turning out as being excellent.

lexp said,
So Microsoft in 2013 not using automation to test WinHTTP, their 20-years old HTTP API?

That's not what they said or meant.

Microsoft has rarely ever stuck to a single naming convention...
While the Office team is content with naming by year, the Windows Team seems to have bipolar disorder or something...

More roles configured through server manager please DHCP dns hyper-v etc.

And work on GPMC its useless extended view mode and the dialog to import multiple registry settings its a PITA to have to both check and ctrl select them

Seriously! Microsoft needs to give us a new GPMC, needs to make the new one 100% PowerShell driven and report back on the commands used while altering GPO's.

I'd go so far as to say they also need to take Group Policy Revision Control out of the MDOP and make it a native Active Directory role.

ShareShiz said,
Yeah. But, will it have a start button ?


Windows 8 already has a start button.. move mouse to bottom left, click.

virtorio said,
It already has a Start button. What it doesn't have is a Start Menu.

Perhaps your install is corrupted, my start menu works fine.

J_R_G said,
Forget a start button, I want progman! Damn MS and it's forced upgrades. /s

Windows 3.1x with PC Tools for Windows. Woo whooo! /s

xendrome said,

Perhaps your install is corrupted, my start menu works fine.

It's called a Start Screen. Not a Start Menu. While it can replace the Start Menu it's NOT called that.

ShareShiz said,
Yeah. But, will it have a start button ?


No. But i sure do hope they improve the matro paradigm cause right now it needs some work.

So Windows Blue is a wave of updates applicable to both client and server product lines... like a service pack, but with a codename... and that wave is not restricted to bug fixes, but also feature enhancements akin to XP SP2 (introducing a new security approach).

To extend into the cloud-based approach, that means it'll integrate traditional in-house server functions with hosted features provided by Azure. Cool.

And lets not forget they have it in the store, so unlike the past were service packs have been free. we'll be seeing them as a paid 'upgrade'. Oh the joys of DLC.

sagum said,
And lets not forget they have it in the store, so unlike the past were service packs have been free. we'll be seeing them as a paid 'upgrade'. Oh the joys of DLC.

There are a lot of free listings in the store...

If Microsoft doesn't have a new OS on the roadmap, they are going to have to create revenue to replace it.... That revenue will probably be these updates.

I don't see these upgrades being free, but I really really hope they are. If they are they better no be that much!

Of course it will be free. It will **** off too many Win 8 users otherwise. And MS do have a new OS planned, obviously, they just don't have a release date planned yet because it wont be for while. Win 8 will get updates that include new features. MS have to do this to compete.