Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta Ends, Final Released

Microsoft has sent out e-mails regarding the closing of the Window Live Messenger 8.1 Beta that began September 7, 2006. The e-mail states that 3,009 beta testers submitted 1010 bugs and 456 suggestions as well as 6000 posts in the newsgroup. The final build number and final release date are currently unknown. There will be no prizes given out at the end of the beta because of budget limitations for this specific program. Although there are plans for another beta, it is unclear if "it will be a minor release (such as an 8.x ) or a major release (such as a 9.0)" and no date is available either. The plan is to invite current testers to the next managed beta. The beta newsgroup will be available for a couple of more weeks while the public newsgroup will remain the primary location for discussing Windows Live Messenger.

Download: Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0178 (Freeware, 17.2MB)
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Windows Live Messenger Home Page | Forum Discussion (Thanks Dwergs)

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call my naive, but where is the animated gif support for the msn personal pic? am i wrong here in thinking that iot was promised a while ago?

Any news regarding overall performance? Release notes mention improved login performance... How about the rest? Memory usage, etc.
I dont feel like installing this just to find out its pretty much the same thing...

Thats means no more fixes before 8.1 final?

Because it needs some. 8.1 beta crashes for me every single time I click accept on a file transfer.

IntelliMoo said,
"because of budget limitations for this specific program" ?!?!?!?! Guess ms is "broke" after vista... LMAO

Uhm no... MSN is a different division than Windows, budgets are allocated accordingly, I don't think MS would like to spend a lot of money on a messaging software so they are not going to allocate a big budget to Messenger... hence they said "because of budget limitations for this specific program"