Windows Live Messenger closes March 15th (except in China)

While Microsoft gave all of us a heads up several months ago that Windows Live Messenger would soon be retired, we now have a definitive end date for the company's online messaging client. The company has now sent out emails to the remaining users of the program informing them that it will close up shop on March 15th.

The Next Web received the contents of the email, which also confirmed that Windows Live Messenger would continue to work in China past March 15th, due to the program's service being handled in that country by a third party company. Windows Live Messenger will be replaced everywhere else by Skype, which Microsoft acquired in October 2011.

The process for those few remaining users of Live Messenger to transfer to Skype should be pretty straightforward. All they will have to do before the end date comes is download the latest version of Skype and sign on using their Microsoft Account login and password. Their Windows Live Messenger contacts should be transferred over to their Skype client.

If you are one of those stubborn people that hate change in their lives ... well, too bad. After March 15th, people who keep trying to sign in using Windows Live Messenger will be given a notification to download and use Skype from then on.

Source: The Next Web | Image via Microsoft

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What I find irritating is...when a software company buys another company...the one that has to adapt is the consumer by not offering you a choice to choose whether you want to stay with one type of software..or move to another way to communicate.

It's almost like a pizza from a place you loved for years and years...then all of the sudden..a company buys out that pizza place and tells you...we are using different pizza sauce and you now have to eat our pizza...and if you don't like it...there's plenty of other pizza places you can go.

And that's the most irritating...cause now as a pizza lover of that kind of pizza...I now have to go into research mode to find something that is at least close to the kind of pizza I loved.

Same with software...and messaging services...cause now people that have used Windows messenger for over 10 must either adapt to Skype..or research to find something similar to Windows messenger.

Skype is not a proper replacement until:
- it uses Microsoft Account connected services (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn) instead of manually readding them.
- Linked contacts (WLM flawlessly handled this without duplicating contacts like Skype does)
- Better UI and IM window
- Other important WLM features: offline messaging, instant photo sharing, file sharing, voice/video clips
- Same cleaner emojicons that Messaging app uses

All the Skype apps (desktop/Win8/mobile) need a MAJOR revamp if they want a proper switch to Skype. It just doesn't feel like it's Microsoft quality. They own Skype so they should make it theirs.

Does skype have photo slide sharing the way WLM does? If not, I hope they put it in. It's very convenient to drag photos in chat as quick slides.

Oh, Microsoft, thanks for that pop up this morning about upgrading to Skype, I've got 13 more people I need to go fix rather than doing my regular work.

I don't get some of this.

I created a skype account with my microsoft account and created my skype name as "live:<myemailalias>". It gave me all my messenger contacts, but I can't video call them. So i searched for my wife with that same thing, and hers popped up.

Do I have to add duplicate contacts for everyone? what am I missing here. This seems silly.

Well, I guess that means in March I can change my MicrosoftAccount first/last name to my Real name and stop using the nickname they removed from the service years before.

or take up ICQ again

Just made the change.
I've used MSN/Windows Messenger since... well since i've used the Internet. I don't remember a day where it hasn't been running on my machine either.

While i don't mind changing (gives me a good excuse to clean my contact list), i just hate to have to spend 10 minutes changing all the options. I don't like sound with notifications, i don't like notifications for every little thing.

Plus i don't like new messenger apps because i don't fully know what information it will share or get. I had this problem when Windows Messenger changed and went all social. Perhaps i should put my tin foil hat back on.

Lingwo said,
Just made the change.
I've used MSN/Windows Messenger since... well since i've used the Internet. I don't remember a day where it hasn't been running on my machine either.
^^ This

Not liking skype. It doesn't look nice/clean (altho i was running apatch & messenger+). It also seems to be very buggy. The transition seemed straightforward until it kept telling me that there was an 'unknown error' and to 'try again later'. Turned out that I needed to re-install it (after just having installed it) to get it to work. Not a good sign...

Oh well, I only had 2 good friends who still signed into MSN anyway, and I know a quite a few people who only used skype.

Good riddance. Was a good program while it lasted, till it became obsolete.
I had many contacts at one time, but over the years they stopped using it. like everyone else, till I had no one left on my list. So yeah, pretty much a useless program these days.

I'm another that uses photo sharing. I find it really nice to share imagines found on the web with other people. It really sucks that Skype just barely gets the basics down and Messenger users lose a lot of functionality.

Really sad and frustrated to see Messenger go. So many useful features I use, but sadly probably on a minority actually use. I enjoyed being able to play games with people I chatted with, kept things going when things go boring or we had nothing to talk about. One huge feature we enjoyed was photo sharing. Another important feature I think is Remote Connect, made it so easy to be able to work on another person's computer this way. I think they should have gone the other direction and just enveloped Skype into their Messenger service, but I guess the name Skype is just too big to do that, and would just create bad press. Messenger had everything Skype can do, including sending free SMS, another huge feature I used.
Going to Skype, there are a multitude of disadvantages. The interface is really horrible for IM, windows can only be sized down so much. Profiles are very public (a lot of your details are just thrown out into the public Skype domain). There's no photo sharing or remote connect(there's screen sharing, but it's one way, and requires a call to be made first). It does get the basics down, but it is not in anyways a replacement for Messenger.

I've used it since I was a a nipper, but recently I've had problems with it remebering my login details, so when I reboot I just assume it's loaded up and logged me, turns out it doesn't and its usually days until I notice, so I won't really be missing it.

I tend to use facebook messenger for instant chat with long distance friends these days

It'd probably be best to switch over to Gmail and use one of the many notifier programs for it. (hell, even chrome alerts you)

I've had 5 hotmail accounts for a long time and I made the switch to Gmail back in 2007. I honestly never want to use another e-mail service again, though I still keep my hotmail accounts for very specific things. Hard to break some habits.

Main reason for using WLM is its Hotmail new mail notification. From what I read, Skype don't have this feature. Need a good Hotmail new e-mail notification utility (that sits in the system tray) by 15 Mar 2013

Does anybody know how to save the custom emoticons that were saved within MSN Messenger? I can't seem to find a file to get the images

Anyone else enjoying the expected "Sorry, something went wrong." error messages in skype lately or am I the only one? Hilarious, surely Microsoft will find a way to ruin skype permanently.

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