Windows Mobile Device Center Driver for Windows Vista

The Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center enables data synchronization between Windows Mobile-powered devices and Windows Vista.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista; Windows Vista Business; Windows Vista Business N; Windows Vista Enterprise; Windows Vista Home Basic; Windows Vista Home Basic N; Windows Vista Home Premium; Windows Vista Starter; Windows Vista Starter N; Windows Vista Ultimate

Download: x86 | x64
Link: Forum Discussion (Thanks CoolCatBad)

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Just upgraded to Vista, and I am amazed at how all my apps and devices have actually picked right up with the new OS and got to work!

However, my Samsung i730 (Phone/Pocket PC) no longer sync’s to the storage card?! I previously used XP Home, Active Sync 4.5, and the sync method offered through Media Player 11.

Works great due to being able to sync playlists, music, etc. from Media Player to either internal mem, or storage card.

When getting started with the new Mobile Device Center, my storage card no longer shows up in the devices with Media Player, and I of course can no longer sync to the card.

Anyone else come accross this, or know of any work around?

I can access the card through explorer, and could always just copy straight to it, but losing the sync feature in Media Player is a big step down for moving to a new and improved app...

Works pretty well with my Hermes (HTC TyTN).

! Important: if you are using Windows OneCare and you use Advanced USB functionality (USB settings on your WM5), you will probably see nothing happening when you connect your phone. Because of the advanced connection, Vista treats your phone as a network connection, and the OneCare firewall will prevent your phone from syncing. To fix this go into the firewall settings of OneCare, and choose the first button (the easy firewall wizard). I've selected the following items: network discoverability, video and activesync (dont know the exact names, I have a Dutch version installed ;)). And it worked perfectly.

Unfortunatly when I start Windows Media Player, only my built-in memory is found, not my storage card. I hope they'll fix that.

Thanks Microsoft for cut it out Serial Sync. So, people with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition can't sync using Bluetooth.