Windows Phone 7.5 users will also get Marketplace improvements

If you own an older Windows Phone device, you will still see the name "Marketplace" for when you want to download new Windows Phone apps. That's the word today from Microsoft, who also offered up some new information about improvements that are being made to Marketplace for those phone owners.

Earlier this summer, Microsoft announced that Windows Phone Marketplace would be changed to Windows Phone Store. In a post on the official Microsoft Phone developer blog, Microsoft says that even though its keeping the "Marketplace" name for older Windows Phone products, users of those phones will now be able to search for apps via Microsoft's Bing service, along with a list of related apps in the search results.  The blog states:

Windows Phone 7.5 users can also expect to see differences in lists like Top, Free and New, as the new algorithms now take into account downloads, customer ratings and actual usage patterns for a more accurate picture of what’s trending.

The blog also says that between two to four percent of Windows Phone 7.5 owners are not able to receive a new configuration file that Microsoft sent out so they can check out the new Marketplace features. However, the company said they will solve that issue soon. The blog stated, "In the next few weeks, these customers will see a specially-created app in Marketplace called Refresh Marketplace. Once they run it, they’ll enjoy the same improved app search and smarter app lists as new Windows Phone 8 users."

Source: Windows Phone Developer blog | Image via Microsoft

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I can't download angry bird space. Its made for WP 8 - I hope we don't run into these issues when newer apps come out. It be nice to see the 7.8 update in the coming weeks and the able to run WP 8 apps. If not our devices would be ?????

ahhell said,
Why would the upgrade to 7.8 allow you to run 8 apps? MS already said that wasn't going to be possible.

Well I guess fail on Microsoft part. Did not know that... I guess WP 7 is left in the dark.

Can we finally clean up the app market? It's a disaster. There needs to be a way to highlight official/quality apps - NOT Angry Birds!

I am sure they have MS working on high gear making sure the 7.8 update is going to feel like a major update.

Detection said,
Do we have to use Zune to get this update or just as an app update ?

Neither... it's a backend update on the Store end.