Windows Phone third party Instagram app changes name due to new rules

Instagram is without a doubt one of the most requested, if not the most requested, apps for Windows Phone. Despite efforts by Nokia to convince Instagram and its owners at Facebook to bring the app to Microsoft's mobile OS, there's still no word on when, or even if, an official Instagram app will be released for Windows Phone.

Now there's word that Instagram has updated its terms of use for any third party apps that access its public APIs. Among the changes is that those apps cannot use “Instagram,” “IG”, “Insta” or “Gram” in their name, nor can they use the Instagram name or logo, or the "Camera" logo, as their app's icon.

This will likely cause a number of third party apps to change their names. Among those apps is one from Rudy Huyn, who created the acclaimed third party Wikipedia app for Windows Phone. Huyn announced he would be making a Instagram app for the OS in July. He had originally called the app 6tagram but, with Instagram's new app title rules now officially in place, reports that Huyn's app has now been submitted with the name 6tag.

While it is understandable that Instagram wants to protect its trademarks, it's definitely going to be a bit harder for third party apps to come up with names from now on.

Source: Instagram and | Image via WPCentral

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Stupid companies that think they own the world just because they are at the top of popularity right now, let a few years pass when something new comes up, they will cry out for someone to even put their logo somewhere to attract users, look at MySpace Instagram, the future is coming!

I'd understand if they HAD an app and didn't want competition but it's nowhere in sight. Oh well. They're jerks but that's nothing new.

just shuffle the letters you'll be fine and people would still recognize it, like ... "instant graham", wow, sued by the cracker company.

Wondered that too. What's funny is the inflection on 'instance' is different than 'instagram'. Also, instance is a real word and instagram is a blend of words. No doubt it'll have to get changed but it's ridiculous.

when FB bought IG, I was hoping it would change the snobbish nature of the management there. Make them more open, and less worried about brand and more about growth and features. I can see FB has taken the same approach MSFT took with Skype, and just let the monkeys run the zoo.

time for Mark Sucker-gram to step in?

Wow this is like 100 times Apple's patent powers. Kind of ridiculous. Hope Facebook doesn't sue the rest of for world for using "kilogram" to measure things.

volodoscope said,
Wow this is like 100 times Apple's patent powers. Kind of ridiculous. Hope Facebook doesn't sue the rest of for world for using "kilogram" to measure things.

This is nothing at all like patents. The scope is very narrow. Those who want to use Instagram's APIs have to abide by their terms of use. It's a petty restriction, but it is we'll within Instagram's rights.

Amazing stuff, huh? Specially when the camera logo looks a lot like a stripped version of Google Chrome Dev posted on a diskette.

If Instagram won't create and app and also starts restricting names, why not just allow the developers of the thrid party apps create it for them. Or better yet allow them to licence the app and name for a small fee.

greenwizard88 said,
How do they propose a trademark on a camera icon?

What's the problem with that? A common use of trademark is for logotypes.

I'm amazed that they could restrict the use of "Insta" and "Gram" separately, even though those are way too vague and could be easily used in non instagram related app.

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