Windows Phones and Windows 8 tablet coming from Huawei?

A number of PC makers have already confirmed their plans to create Windows 8 tablets, including HP, Lenovo and Dell. Now a new report claims that a Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei, has its own plans for releasing a Windows 8 tablet, along with smartphones that will run on Windows Phone 8, code-named Apollo.

The report, from China's WPDang (via IntoMobile), cites unnamed sources who claim that Huawei has an engineering team of 70 employees working on the Windows Phone 8 devices. It also reports that it has people in the US working directly with Microsoft on the smartphones.

The report claims that the company has two current designs for its upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices. One is based on a previous Android phone design while the other is an all new creation with a touch screen that's said to be over four inches in size.

Details about Huawei's Windows 8 tablet are scarce, with no word on if it will use an Intel/AMD x86 processor or one based on ARM's design. WPDang does claims it will have a built it wireless antenna that will support LTE-based networks, but offers no information on availability outside of China.

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I think with Windows 8 tablets and WP8 phones both with the same UI design that now OEMs can sell both as a package, specially to any business or even to users. The connectivity between the two devices being as tight as it is, and should be even more by the time they both RTM then it's a good choice IMO.

There's nothing to be excited actually. Eventually everyone will make Windows tablets and replace their flagship Android tablets (Samsung, Asus etc)

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