Windows Vista Coach Tour: Always on the run

Hi everyone! We've had a busy, busy couple of days -- we've put a lot of miles behind us, eaten in countless restaurants (while trying to avoid fast food), slept in different beds each night, and most importantly, met a ton of customers. We're answering questions ranging from "what's Windows Vista?" to "what's your favorite feature?" to "what are the advances in networking that will ensure my home network is secure?" In fact, one of our guys has created a list of recurring topics that customers continue to hit upon.

Our routing has taken us from Lexington, KY on Wednesday morning through parts of Ohio and into Pittsburgh, PA last evening. We've since made it to the outskirts of Washington, DC tonight and are preparing for another very active day tomorrow. Our routing should take us toward Richmond, VA tomorrow evening and Charlotte, NC the following day.

In Nashville getting ready to board the coach (L-R are Brandon LeBlanc, Ryan Hoffman and Nick)

After a photo session we climbed aboard to inspect our new surroundings, plug in the Xbox 360, settle into one of those comfy leather recliners and dig into the wireless internet. This is going to be home during our waking hours for the next week+. (Pic 2) Bob Stein of ActiveWin dropped by to keep us company and help answer customers' questions -- which is a lucky thing, because we were inundated with people curious about MS' new operating system.

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"what's your favorite feature?"

Are you asking what is your favourite feature that you would have liked to actually make it to the RTM?

i think this is a really good way to promote windows vista, going round talking to people telling them the advantages of having the new OS, even better, showing them... personally i couldnt do it though, would be boooooring stuck on that bus.

Depending on who you're with, and for how long, I'd feel a little bored on that bus too. A few hours, ok. A few days - no (Yes, I know they have the 360, still...).

This isn't the first time that Microsoft has done something like this. I can't believe it was called 'desperate', it's just a form of advertising and it's one of the better ones for consumers.