Windows Vista OS image creation and deployment guide

Thanks Bink for the heads up on this article. Windows Vista OS setup is built on an entirely new set of technologies than previous versions of Windows, and as a result the process of creating OS images and creating and using unattend files is different than you might be used to from the past.

If you are planning to create and deploy OS images for Windows Vista, I encourage you to take a look at the Windows Vista deployment step-by-step guide at for some helpful information. The following sections are included in the deployment guide:

In addition, it is worth reviewing the content of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK), which is located at

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or you can just go to and download the program and have it done alot easier... this program is by the same maker of nlite.. but it's for windows vista. :)

also to let you know it's still an alpha build...

Aha. I heard it even removes "unnecessary" .Net Framework from Vista. Then strangely many apps stop working. But who cares. 40 Mbs are so expensive loss of disk space.

Could I deploy this on my Linux Server? Allowing me to install Vista from the Server rather than going through this whole DVD crap? Network installs are a lot faster for me..