Windows Vista SP2: RTM Escrow build reaches internal testers

Sources say that the RTM Escrow build of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 has been released to a group of internal testers. The build number of this pre RTM build is 6002.17506.090313-1730, compiled on March 13, 2009. The RTM build numbers are also finalised and would be 6002.17507.090319-1515 and 6002.17508.090320-1600

Windows Vista & Windows Server 2008 SP2 is expected to reach RTM in April 2009 and the final release announcement is likely to happen at the TechEd 2009 event scheduled for May 11-15, 2009 in Los Angeles. The release candidate version was made available to general public early this month.

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I think when I will really be impressed with Microsoft is when I can use SysRep to write an image and than install it on different hardware without having to worry about HAL issues. I really should be able to move between an Pentium 4, AMD x2 system and an Intel quad core at will (with all applications and settings).

I think releasing a virtual windows manager as a default in Windows 7 and a hyper-visor for running outdated instances of applications couldn't hurt either.

I guess, however, I should just be happy that the system, sorta... kinda of... maybe, somewhat works like previous systems. Maybe. I can't wait to get my plastic out in order to upgrade to the latest version of Windows when it is released. Yeah! On second thought, maybe I should just pirate it like everyone else...

Just installed x64 RTM Escrow. This is real deal. It went smooth, no errors. Only thing i noticed Microsoft apparently failed to do is to update Vista to correctly detect speed of new i7 processors. Mine is running 3.6Ghz but Windows reports it 2.79Ghz, default clock for i920 is 2.66.

I don't get all the hate over Vista. Windows 7 is basically the same with some minor changes but everyone seems to think it's a brand new OS. I'm sure the changes in Windows 7 could have been implmented in Vista but since the internet already gave it a bad rep they made a new os. Windows 7 is basically Vista re-branded but it seems to be working in Microsoft favor.

Windows 7 is basically what Vista should of been. They stripped it down to the core then rebuilt it back up allowing them to separate even more stuff from the base and allow you to turn off (or back on) more stuff.

I'm looking forward to this. I have been using Vista since day dot, and ill agree up until SP1 it had some issues, but Vista from SP1 onwards has been great. I have a cpl small business clients who chose Vista upgrade options and they havent looked back.

Looking forward to testing and then implementing SP2 on their systems.

Chance are ill upgrade to Win7 myself, but I didnt see any amazing new features, Win7 just seems like SP3 of Vista to me. Taskbar is nifty but id hardly call it revolutionary and the changes they have made for business isnt any major that couldnt have been implemented in a SP. I dont think SP2 will make as much difference as SP1 but I always love a good upgrade anyway

I'm the few that's not drinking the Win7 kool-aid. I installed the beta and don't see anything worth upgrading over Vista. UAC is still annoying, so as with Vista, I turned it off. I hate the new taskbar as I find it not easier to use. I sure don't need slideshow wallpaper. And gigabyte motherboard Vista drivers don't work on Win7, so sleep doesn't work in Win7. And they don't have Win7 drivers and not sure when they will have it.

I'm looking forward to Vista SP2 as my Vista x64 works great right now.

1: UAC isn't hardly as annoying, turning it off doesn't fix the issue.
2: Taskbar is because you haven't used it enough
3: Slideshow Wallpaper is one of the most minor features you could notice
4: Gigabyte doesn't make "motherboard" drivers, the chipset MFGs do.. maybe let them finish the drivers.. just because it doesn't work now doesn't mean it won't in a day.. week.. or month...

Just keep Raa out of here. He'll do nothing but go on about how it still won't be as good as XP.

Anyway, can't wait for this to come out.

Good to see the trolls are getting in early. Did someone pay you to say that line?

Anyway, it's good to see it here, but it's too little too late. Bring in Windows 7 I say!

Recon415 said,
Uhh, wouldn't YOU be the troll here?

That he would. Many of us actually LIKE Vista and are awaiting SP2. Trolls like Raa use it as an excuse to say it's too late for Vista or what have you.

That, I would not be, Recon.
But seriously, my Media Center in the lounge is anxiously awaiting this service pack actually. I'm looking forward to the new native BR capabilities!
I'm thinking i'll have to straight format the lappy and load Vista SP2 integrated though, although my friends the one that uses it more, i'll make them do it haha

XP didn't get the reputation it has now until SP2 was released, and that was 3 years after RTM. Before that we were complaining about drive-by downloads and megaviruses aplenty. I think people are just forgetting the bad, as XP wasn't all roses back in the day.

After Vista SP2 people still aren't going to care cause it's gonna be all about 7 which we already know is the best OS to come out of Redmond in years, if not ever.

Why not? SP2 will be the maturation of a codebase, as opposed to the bleeding edge just released version. Even then, there are still people who are sticking to XP.

They're going to hold off until TechEd 2009 on May 11-15 before releasing it? Very strange! It is, after all, only a service pack.

hate to sound harsh but when windows 7 comes out i can see a lot of users moving away from windows vista. me myself will be dual booting with xp as i am currently

stezo2k said,
hate to sound harsh but when windows 7 comes out i can see a lot of users moving away from windows vista. me myself will be dual booting with xp as i am currently :)

When Win 7 comes out, SP2 will still be a nice additive to Vista.. A lot of users can't keep pushing out $200 or more for the next OS.. SP2 is just a roundup of all the patches and updates released thus far, so, usually, no performance upgrade either.. As well, I don't see a LOT of users jumping on Win7 if they are currently happy with Vista till their next machine purchase which will probably include Win 7..

Not everyone can afford to run out and buy the latest operating system the moment it's released. Many people have only just purchased Vista.

If you're going to run Win7 I don't see the need to dual boot with XP. I'm on this 6yo+ PC running win7 beta and it works just the same for me as XP. I can't wait to get my new hardware and finally forget about XP and move to 7 fully.

0sm3l said,
not really... that's the default one you get when you install without a key :)

:) yes installed in to VM for 1h, didnt bother to input key and activate it.

Let us not forget though that INITIALLY XP was just as reviled as Vista.

Drivers that either plain didn't exist, or if they did were buggy as hell all over the place. Software crashing left and right because far too much of it bypassed the OS routines, something the 9x OS's would allow but the NT-based XP would not.

It took a little while for XP to really blossom into the OS we remember today, a process not really finalized until SP2.

What you don't and everyone else doesn't understand on this given subject is that in the end xp is now the most beloved OS in the world. Do you in your right mind think that in a few years Vista is going to be the most loved and widely used OS in the world. No.

People need to quit saying that (not attacking you personally) cause it is not the same thing. XP was bad in the beginning, not as bad as everyone acts like though. The security yes was an absolute joke. But the OS itself was nowhere near as much as hell as when Vista launched.

Vista has a stigma for the record books, and everyone knows, including microsoft, that 7 needs to come out and you me and the world need to move past vista.

When Vista came out, they tried to squash the XP market. They failed miserably. When 7 comes out, it will if NOTHING ELSE stop the sales of vista. Unlike now where years later after vista people are STILL trying to buy XP. Can you honestly tell me that is going to happen with Vista? Thats my point.

non.sequitur2 said,
Pffffft. Hardly.

Are you sure? Evidence of XP distaste from "back then" can be found even on Neowin.

I feel the some of the gaining momentum behind Vista has been lost since people have seen 7 now..good to see everything is coming out on schedule..SP2 is going to be a great roll-up.

Nothing wrong with that! Thats a good thing if people are moving to Windows 7...Microsoft would be happy with that and then again It's pretty bad that I actually like Windows 7 over Vista already, There is vast improvements over Vista already.

johnnyftw said,
Nothing wrong with that! Thats a good thing if people are moving to Windows 7...Microsoft would be happy with that and then again It's pretty bad that I actually like Windows 7 over Vista already, There is vast improvements over Vista already.

There are normally things in upcoming operating systems that are better than in current ones even before they're released, and they should look more appealing at an early stage. It's just Vista and a few other releases by Microsoft that were so bad that they disrupted this.

I think 95 and XP were even more like that than Windows 7 is now. 95 for brining a whole new modern UI paradigm to Windows, and XP for giving home users the NT codebase, which was an insane improvement. The BSOD bad name of Windows basically disappeared overnight in reality (not in the jokes though which can be a bit tiring sometimes), and with XP came the trend that mostly just bad third party driver devs and failing hardware caused that, no longer Windows itself. Windows 2000 was also very big for corporate users, and possibly on the scale of Windows 7 at its release for those.

Honestly..Vista ran better on my machine than XP ever did. It never messed up for like 9 months..something I can't say about XP. I think XP was a good OS, but not till SP2 - people seem to forget that. No worries though, I think Vista got a bad vibe from the get go, so it was doomed in some people's eyes regardless. It has done well for me...

As interesting as watching paint dry. Where are the new Win7 builds? 7070 should've been compiled by now. Where's the leak when you need one?

I call utter bull **** on people moving to Windows 7. Most end users have at best the Beta 7000 build of Windows 7. I don't see most "consumers" using a torrent service to get the latest version of Windows 7, nor do I see them investing in either MSDN or TechNET subscription.

Most end users, simply use what comes with their computer. To date, the only operating systems that are available from end dealers for most consumers is either a version of Vista (or in rare cases XP).

Windows 7 is nice. It probably is what Vista should have been, at least at a core install. It, however, is not some mythical holy grail. It will sell copies when it is released. Like everything Microsoft releases, it will be slow on the uptake (XP took years to become the standard). Combine this with a possible world wide depression and Microsoft has got some real issues to sort out.