Windows Vista Ultimate and WSUS

Just a quick one this time ["We've heard that one before" I hear you cry!] about Windows Vista Ultimate and WSUS. What is WSUS I hear you ask? Well, it stands for Windows Server Update Services and essentially, allows administrators to deploy updates across a network, so instead of all the users on your network navigating to Windows Update and downloading the updates separately, just download them once, and distribute using WSUS.

The reason for the post is that WSUS currently does not allow Windows Vista Ultimate Extras to be distributed via WSUS. Not good. A view which is backed up by Erik Neuenschwander, who works in the Ultimate Extras team here at Microsoft "That's not a good situation for customers, so we plan to improve it. The Ultimate team is working with Windows Update to revise the Extras to be offered to WSUS"

Erik goes on to say "We cut support for WSUS at launch to reduce the test burden, and because we didn't think many WSUS environments would deploy Ultimate. We're hearing that we were wrong, so all the Wave Zero Extras will be offered to WSUS later this year."

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Um... You can't deploy them? Well according to the last sync I saw from the master servers you could approve them in for installl. This included the EFS and Bitlocker - as well as Texas Hold Em and the other stuff.

IN WSUS there is a product category "Windows Vista" and there is also a product category "Windows Vista Ultimate Extras"...

Maybe i'm not following this article..

I am a network admin and there is no way I would want my users to have the extras . Why would I want them to get them automatically?

I must say though wsus + virus scan server + deep freeze = pretty error free windows setup across my network

So now businesses can deploy Texas Hold'Em, video desktops and encryption (the only useful feature) across a network. When are we going to get useful extras? I don't know how Microsoft defines "regularly" but I certainly wouldn't class it as once every three months.