WinHEC 2008 Live Keynote

Steven Sinofsky and Jon DeVaan are just about to kick start WinHEC 2008 with their keynotes.

Both are expected to introduce Windows 7 and show you what it can do, from advancements in core components and architecture to improvements in user interface, device support, graphics, media, and more.

Tune in for further Windows 7 goodness and some focus on the hardware side for Windows 7.

09:18 PST: Just announced 11% minimum better battery life for laptops on DVD playbck with Windows 7. That's around 20 mins extra on any laptop. Some configurations will gain up to 1hr.

09:23 PST: Microsoft understand users are purchasing laptops over desktops and want to do a better job with shutdown times, battery life, performance and low CPU consumption. Microsoft has been testing various laptops and knows they can make the battery life better with Windows 7.

09:25 PST: Demo of 2 Vista machines on shutdown, one with an un-responsive service on shutdown that severely slows the shutdown process.

09:26 PST: MS have listened to feedback on the hardware logo program. Made it a lot simpler, aligns well with what MS wants to achieve with OEMs and system integration. Microsoft wants to simplify the software logo too with a similar system.

09:28 PST: Windows update data shows that 64 bit adoption is over 20% now in the US. Urging everyone to get the right 64bit support especially for drivers.

Video: 100K | 300K | 750K

For Sinofsky keynote:

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Although Windows Vista was planned poorly (look at the complexity of the control panel and network centre for example), it was MS' first OS to majorly drastically change the architecture from Windows 2000. MS has invested in alot of technical innovations through the development of Vista and it is evident that they're learning and optimizing code with Windows 7, now that the foundations have been laid and released to the public as WinVista SP1. Thank goodness they're also making UI changes which should simply, make sense.

you notice how they are admitting all the mistakes that they made in windows 7 that people were complaining about... it's good that they actually toke notice and admitted their errors and showing what they are doing to fix it, which seems great so far. Also i like how they are using machines of today, using the same hardware to compare vista and windows 7. Which pretty much tells us the system requirements will probably be the same and it'll run faster on the same hardware.

LoneRunner said,
You mean mistakes they made in Windows Vista.

Yeap; like rajputwarrior said; they're basing it on today's requirements. Its about time they did that instead of writing something and waiting for the hardware to catch up to it. Most people here I am sure of expect a modest specifications increase given extra features but the leap from Windows XP to Windows Vista was pretty difficult to swallow for many people.

Damn, i'm not home now with the faster connection... 100K is barely enough!!!

Hmm.. they say 1hr extra battery life average.