Winklevoss twins to continue different court fight with Facebook

Earlier this week the Winklevoss twins decided to abandon a court fight against Facebook to appeal a settlement deal that Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss had earlier agreed to. But it seems that the twin brothers are still going after the social networking web site that they claim they had something to do with. The Los Angeles Times reports that the twins and their business partner Divya Narendra filed a request in Boston in federal court to check into whether Facebook had "intentionally or inadvertently suppressed evidence".

As we reported on Thursday, the trio did not reveal any reasons on why they decided to abandoned their settlement court fight. In 2008 they received $65 million from Facebook after the Winklevoss twins and Narendra had claimed that Facebook's creator Mark Zuckerberg pulled out of making a social networking site they claimed they had the idea for. The legal fight was one of the central themes for the hit 2010 film The Social Network.

The issue in the current legal fight is a series of instant messages that Zuckerberg made around the time of the creation of Facebook that seem to support the Winklevoss twins's case. The instant messages came to light in 2010 and the Winklevoss twins claim that if they had known about them before they agreed to the 2008 settlement deal that deal would not have happened. For its part, Facebook's legal team issued a statement that said, "These are old and baseless allegations that have been considered and rejected previously by the courts."

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They will always be bitter because no amount they get will be equal to the work of Mark Z. When the company goes public. The IPO will make Mark Z very rich. More rich than any amount the Winklevoss twins will ever see. You would be just as mad if (allegedly) you had the idea, passed it of to guy B to make it, and guy B decided to screw you and take complete ownership, especially when it makes guy B set for life, and probably his children's life.

So whoever has or will say 'get over it' you wouldn't be saying that if you were in their shoes. Guinness book could put them down as the 'guys [probably] most ripped off in recorded history (in terms of financial estimations)'

Guess they should have reviewed how BAsh works, and picked up a few books on pearl, apache, java and HTML...

The idea wasn't everything - and the goofs with it screwed it up. They should have found another dev to work on it, you know, after 3 months of being blown off and having nothing shown.

There are plenty of people with ideas on Craigslist Comptuer Gigs. They all want you to work for free and then share the profits 50/50. Fak those people.

Just cus they got an idea means jack ****. If you ain't got the technical ability to put it into practice or a contract in place for hiring someone to do it for ya it's just complete crap. I've got an idea on creating transdimensional road networks, do I know how do it - no (can't anyway but not the point) but I'm going pass this idea down generation to generation so when someone does do it we can sue the crap out of them. Complete bull crap