WinRAR Version 3.90 Beta 5 x32/x64

Version 3.90 beta 5

1. Bugs fixed:

a) "Convert" command could fail if original and resulting archives
were multivolume and name of original archive included DBCS
(Chinese, Japanese or Korean) characters;

b) WinRAR did not add "Extract to folder" item to Windows context
menus for ZIP archives if Windows Compressed Folders was active.

Link: RARLabs
Download: WinRAR 3.90 Beta 5 x32
Download: WinRAR 3.90 Beta 5 x64

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I could never figure out what 7-Zip does better, and the interface is just plain ugly. I already paid for WinRAR and have my key. I haven't had any issues with it.

So why switch?

Even for clients, I usually just download and install IZArc for them. It's free, and has a WinZip-style interface. They're usually quite happy with it.

Xenomorph said,
Aren't they both really x86 anyway?

Yeap. "X64" is really x86 (32bit) with 64bit extentions added to allow larger RAM addressing and some computational enhancements. It isn't a true 64bit CPU like an Intel Itanium is.

I still use WinRAR over 7-zip because it's much faster, has equal or better compression than LZMA in most scenarios, integrates better with Windows explorer, and isn't butt-ugly.

Whilst I can't help feel this comment is a girly response, I agree its ugly and looks like typical open source software.

+1 for booger, its what your used to that counts tbh and what works for you. I dont think he is saying 7zip is crap, he just prefers winrar for those reasons.

Comic Book Guy said,

Let me fix that, since 3.90 Beta 1.

So you corrected him to sat the same thing he said? :|

As 3.90 Beta 1 would be the first 3.90 release and it will be also included in 3.90 GA so he wasn't wrong in anything he said...

i pretty much agree with this statement.

it's just a shame that 7-zip aint the standard and i think in some ways WinRAR is more polished but considering 7-zip is FREE and works pretty well i think people should switch to it for the most part.