WinZip app for Windows 8 now available for free [Update ... or not]

In November, the makers of the popular PC file compression program WinZip launched its promised Windows 8 app. The only downside to the launch was that the app cost a relatively pricey $7.99, although a free trial version was made available as well.

This week, that price plan for the WinZip app was abandoned, at least for now. The Windows Store now shows that the full version of the WinZip Windows 8 app can now be downloaded for free; it's currently unknown if this is a permanent change or if this is just a temporary promotional deal.

The WinZip app has also received some updates since it launched three months ago. The change notes include that the app can now add files and folders from the cloud-based services Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft's own SkyDrive to a zip or zipx file. You can also open, save and unzip those kinds of files saved on those services with the app.

The app has also added a way to share zip files on Twitter and LinkedIn and the app also lets users manage all of their zip file accounts from just one location. Finally, the UI of the app itself has been changed a bit.

Update: Well, as it turns out, the WinZip app is not available for free after all. We have heard from a company spokesperson that the app is free for 15 days but they have now put in a $7.99 a year subscription fee for the app. The spokesperson told us:

By default, subscription apps under this model appear as free in the store. We want to make sure the pricing is clear to customers, so we’re working as quickly as possible to have the store text updated.

Source: Windows Store | Image via WinZip

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Gradients ARE a part of Metro guidelines. As long as you are digitally authentic, you are good. Xbox apps have gradient. Metro apps shouldn't look ugly. The gradient is more than fine, as even many of Mirosoft's own apps use it.

Because eventually once the metro interface is more sophisticated, the desktop mode will most likely get removed. We're going to see some major changes to the metro interface probably in Windows 9/10.... so not surprised there's an archiver. Also, for Windows RT devices, they'd need this.

COKid said,
$7.99 a YEAR!!!!! I wouldn't pay $7.99 once, yet alone every 12 months, for a utility app.

I paid for WinRAR because I use it regularly and it's a well-made program. However, I'd never pay for WinZip, especially not on a subscription basis.

If you're running x86, then just download 7-Zip. It's not an app in the store (just search for it), but I have always found that it crashes less than WinZip and runs a lot faster.

lmfao @ 7.99 a year. there are superior programs for free (7zip), and superior/cheaper paid programs too (winrar)

I look at it this way.

If your daft enough to buy Windows 8, you will be daft enough to buy into this.

$7.99 per year sub, for a zip program?? lol!, someone's having a laugh, but not the 'mug' who bought it.

Do they support directories inside archives (directories were introduced in DOS 2 in 1983 BTW) or still display files in the flat list?

I hope you don`t mind if someone from WinZip pipes in here!

We're developing WinZip for Windows 8 to be optimally useful for RT devices, since our power users on the desktop are already well served with WinZip 17. When we looked at the issues users are facing on WinRT, one of the first things we saw were the challenges with file sharing - specifically being able to push and pull files off your device. While WinRT device users can turn to many individual apps for sharing content to various cloud services, they're not designed to provide a single environment that offers a productive and secure TWO WAY interaction with the dominant cloud services. This, to us, is a real, and rather cool benefit that we wanted user to enjoy now.

With regards to the subscription option, we apologize for not making it more evident in our store copy at launch. We fixed it within the first few hours of the app going live, as quickly as we could. We would have displayed the subscription price on the storefront, but unfortunately the Windows store technology does not yet support display of subscription fees.

Moving on to making WinZip for Windows 8 a subscription product, our intention is to keep adding new features, and more importantly, to continue supporting the cloud services over time. We anticipate that supporting these as they evolve will require continued efforts and investments from us. Sign-on now and you will be getting new cool features added-on in the future.

Finally, with regards to free, we believe in choice and are keenly aware that there are other alternatives out there. But for the over 100 million active users using paid-for copies of WinZip and using it regularly, we're confident that we offer more value and power than any free or even paid alternative in the market.


Jacques at WinZip

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