With launch date looming, Surface Pro 3 ship dates start slipping

The Surface Pro 3 goes on sale later this week but if you are hoping to get in on the first run of units, we have bad news for you. According to the Surface website, the base Core i5 model with 128 GB of storage has been pushed back 10 days to June 30th.

If you want to spend a bit more, you can still pre-order the i5 with 256GB but that model costs $300 more than the 128GB version, but you do also get a bump up to 8 GB of RAM.

Delays in availability are not unusual for the Surface; when the Surface 2 and Pro 2 launched, there were initial shortages of both models. For Microsoft, these types of shortages can be good marketing for the company - 'it's sold out!' - but it also means some consumers can’t get their hands on the devices at launch which is not ideal.

Microsoft is only offering up the Core i5 model at launch and will be releasing the i3 and i7 models at the end of August; those models have not yet had any slip in their expected availability.

We have asked Microsoft about in-store availability of the 128GB model for those of you who didn't pre-order and will update this post when we hear back. If you want to learn more about the Pro 3, you can read our full review here.

Source: Microsoft | Thanks for the tip Jermaine! 

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I think they're going to do better this time compared to the SP2/S2 release. It's been on pre-order since the reveal so they should have a better idea of demand right now.

and also remember how many have been ordered already by some large companies, one healthcare provider has already purchased 3000 of them, larger companies like BMW and such have also made large orders, so not surprised there are shortages.

Until Intel comes out with a chipset that supports their advanced processors AND LTE, don't expect this.

LTE commonly ships with ARM devices because there's a simple, compact, power-efficient chipset that natively supports it available.

As it is now, for intel chips, it would add bulk, weight, cost, and drain more power to try and add it to the Pro models. It's not worth the trade-off given how simple tethering is at this point.

joell85 said,
Mine has not shipped yet :(. 256gb i5. Ordered at midnight on 6/20. Hope to see a status change soon.

I think you mean 5/20? Unless you're in the future.

Glad I cancelled my pre order last friday when I decided to drive 2 hours away to the closest microsoft store to pre order. Had to see it in store and I was in the area. Now ill be driving back on friday morning to pick it up! Sooooooo excited. Also I pre ordered 15 minutes before midnight, and get midnight. Both orders sat at processing last friday. I asked if orders would ship early to make it by friday and was told "it ships by 6/20 thats what we are told to tell customers" so I cancelled later in the day and pre ordered in store.

Robert Wade said,
I want the i3 version. Sadly, that's not coming out until August.

Just to save some money or don't need all that CPU?

I don't think this means people who preordered will get their unit late... only those who buy today. It's possible they are actually sold out and it will take 10 days to fulfill new orders.

I haven't pre-ordered mine yet, but I hopefully will very soon. :) Looking forward to taking it to the coffee places where you typically see the Apple products.

I see all kinds of products at various coffee shops. People just usually can't help but notice Apple laptops because most of their product line has lit-up logos; some other OEMs do it very rarely.

i5/128GB/4GB model is back at 6/20 for ship date for those looking at that model. Was at 6/30 for most of yesterday

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