WLM-OSD Plugin 2.2

WLM-OSD Plugin is a free addin that enables «On Screen Display» for Windows Live Messenger. This feature allows you to read all incoming messages directly on your screen, without having to open any conversation window ! You can answer a bit later to your contacts, while still being informed of what they are saying ! This way you are less disturbed at work (for example)...

Minimum Requirements:

- Windows Live Messenger installed
- .NET Framework 2.0

Download: WLM-OSD Plugin 2.2 Lite (without .NET Framework 2.0)
Download: WLM-OSD Plugin 2.2 Full (include .NET Framework 2.0)
Screenshot: 1 2
Link: Home Page

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This is some cool stuff. Great for when I'm trying to get some programming done and people just won't take a hint. :P I'll definitely keep an eye on it. Would be nice to maybe add in some fading effects and maybe display pictures but I don't think that's doable via the API if memory serves me correct. Would also be nice to able to click on the text and have it pop up the chat window.

Some ideas to think about. Thanks a lot for your work. Really appreciate it.

Yeah they are similar but do have obvious differenced, it would depend on the person's preference. As for me, this plug-in is much more preferable over the script, one reason is that it looks cooler, the other is that its more practical in use.