World of Warcraft 2.3 Patch Info Released

Over on the official World of Warcraft forums Blizzard has revealed some important info on how the upcoming 2.3 patch will make advancing to level 60 a bit easier. The most notable change will be a reduction in the amount of experience needed to increase each level from 20 to 60 by around 15 percent, allowing for faster progression through advanced levels. When the change takes effect, characters will remain at their current level percentage. So if you've already made it half way to your next level (between 20 and 60) you'll still be half way there after the patch is implemented and the amount of experience reduced.

To facilitate leveling up even further, Blizzard is increasing the amount of experience received for completing quests between levels 30 and 60. The increase will become more substantial as players approach level 60. Several outdoor elite-mobs are being demoted to non-elites, making them easier to defeat for solo adventurers but offering the same rewards. Blizzard says Stromgarde Keep in the Arathi Highlands will become a solo-friendly environment once patch 2.3 is made live. For players looking for more quests in the 30-40 level range, 60 new quests are being added to the Dustwallow Marsh. Look for more changes to be announced in the coming weeks.

News source: IGN
View: Announcement on WoW Forums

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for the haters, the 9 million users number is based on accounts that are currently being paid for, not trials, not expired accounts, not banned accounts. granted active farmers are included in the numbers, but i don't really even see farmers anymore.

i can only imagine the people that are saying it's too little too late are the people that thought getting to 60 in the first place was 'hard'. which i'll just leave at that.

truth be told, the low level areas are empty. no one really wants to spend endless hours there. i wish server hardware was more capable of supporting larger numbers of players on one realm so this wouldn't be an issue, but it's what we have to live with. good compromise i think to just make leveling faster up to 60 and making it more solo-friendly. gets people into the outland content which is far superior and faster paced.

also, i consider myself 'successful' in wow. i have fun and i 'may' do one karazhan run a week which takes only a couple of hours. i guess my definition of success is a bit different...

this comment is too long. oh well. wow is fun. it'll be around forever. not to mention, it's 1000% better and more fun to play now than it was 3 years ago at launch.

I recently canceled my subscription as college is a bit LOT more important.

I think I may pick it up again with 2.3. Looks fuggtastic.

To those saying "WoW is going down" ... I just have to laugh at your ignorance of both WoW and MMOs in general.

The numbers Blizzard reports are active accounts. And ONLY active accounts.

As everyone hits 70, the low level areas are getting more and more desolate. Nobody likes the mind-numbing grind to max level; it makes the prospect of having an alt worth anything that much more difficult. They will have to crank up the exp rate even more if they want any area to feel lived-in, especially after Wrath of the Lich King.

yeah, that is it on the money. Everywhere you go in the 'old' lands you see 70s and people lvling up other people's low level characters. You can't get an instanced run with a group anymore without someone bringing a 70 to speed things up.

All of the fun is gone out of low lvl areas in the game. Adding the new content and some good xp will boost the players there as people start bringing their low characters out of moth balls.

Including demo and inactive accounts... we know it, companies love to make numbers look good.

@Topic: Incredible, after so many years they just realized their game is not ballanced? Oh my god...

Awesome! thats the main reason I didnt keep on playing, im sitting on lvl 36 or something still i think, have been for.... uhhm

... a year