Would you pay $1 to send a Facebook message to a non-friend?

Facebook seems to be trying to find new ways to get some extra revenue from its over one billion worldwide active users. Earlier this week, rumors hit the Internet that claimed Facebook would start to run video ads inside a person's News Feed sometime in 2013.

While Facebook has not officially announced such plans, today it did announce that it is starting what it calls an experiment to see if its users will pay to send certain messages to other Facebook subscribers. In a news post that revealed some updates to its Messaging features, Facebook said that it will give some users a way to pay money to send a message to a Facebook user that is not listed as being a friend.

Facebook admits that this experiment might cut down on unwanted messages for some users. It added:

This test is designed to address situations where neither social nor algorithmic signals are sufficient. For example, if you want to send a message to someone you heard speak at an event but are not friends with, or if you want to message someone about a job opportunity, you can use this feature to reach their Inbox. For the receiver, this test allows them to hear from people who have an important message to send them.

While Facebook did not mention the specific charge for these kinds of messages, CNet reports that it will cost $1 per message to a non-friend.

Facebook has also announced that it has now set up two new filtering settings for messages. Basic Filtering will allow messages from friends and "friends of friends" in your Inbox, while Strict Filtering will only show messages from friends in the Inbox.

Source: Facebook | Image via Facebook

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no, and according to rumor (only rumor) folks you've blocked can make new accounts to pester you. 1 dollar is 4 quarters, the worthless coins you spend on the claw machine. i can see stalkers setting aside these coins to get the annoyance on...

besides, i'm on the new myspace. it's rather interesting. very private, that's for sure. i'm unable to be searched by annoying high school classmates and nosey city workers. just sharing with my private group and having a gay old time.

Right now, Facebook is finding ways to increase the profit. Luckily, they aren't realized that they can profit via blackmail : "do you want to this picture will be leaked to your wife?, then send us $100".

Finally people will realize the truth behind the cesspool of virus and malware that is Facebook. Its time for this stupid fad to die and people move on to the next thing.

Am I missing something here? Why is everyone bitching? Are you sending so many messages to people you are not friends with, that this really affects you? In 99.9% of the cases, if the other person wants to hear from you, they will also gladly accept the friend request prior to the message. Stop being creepers or stalkers, and this will not affect you a bit!

I admit that I'm not a very active facebook user. However, I'm confused as to the scenario in which I would want to pay for this premium service. Would it be to send a message to a fried or someone? Or is it to alert someone for immediate attention? Perhaps it just me, but if I wanted to send a message, I have this thing called an email on my phone. If I want to alert someone, there's SMS/text.

I'm not the target user for which this 'beta' service is being tested but regardless, I'm missing why I would pay to send a message to someone when I have so may other non-paying option.

People don't take into consideration, that social sites, chat, messenger, etc. etc. are only useful if your friends are using it too. So say you're willing to pay for a service, doesn't mean your friends are, and if they're not on, what good is it to you?
Also... cost isn't really the problem with online charges. Many people would and have the money to spend, it's the way to pay is what comes in to factor. Not everyone has credit cards, PayPal, etc. etc. or even trust dealing with paying online.
If it were as simple as sticking your ATM card into a slot on your computer, that'd be a whole different story. I'm actually surprised that hasn't happened already.

rippleman said,
I think most of you may have missed the intention of this.

Indeed, this is a good move. I'd like it if emails changed to 0.1 cents / 0.1 pence per email. A sure fire way to cut out spam.

If you read the post on Facebook's Newsroom (and CNET's report too), you can see the feature is not quite like that. Facebook is testing a way for people to pay if they want the recipient to get their message in the Inbox folder (instead of in Other). This is because, even if the recipient has set their filters to the "basic filtering", if the sender has no friends in common with them, their message will still go to the Other folder, and the recipient won't be notified of it...

People leave pages that they used to use for some reason. I would call this a good reason to leave fb... One of more and more reasons

maybe impostor would pay for facebook that he or she will pay to non-friend. that's what I am talking about criminal over the facebook or internet.

Nope, not paying to send a message and not paying to promote a post. Shouldnt have to pay anyone to send a non friend a message.

I don't understand why you are so hot over this. Facebook is giving you an OPTION to message somebody $1 . They are not forcing you by any means (by removing existing functionality) . It's not unreasonable, they are providing the service so people can use it IF they want at their price. IMO $1 is good since it's enough to keep spam away. I say Why Not?

Edited by gawicks, Dec 21 2012, 5:36am :

lol... Ditto. I have friends ( one of them is one my closest ) that give many 10€ like it's nothing... For that fake poker game. I can't say I cannot understand what they're doing, mainly because I've been hooked with crappy things, too. But still... I'm trying to hold 'em, nothing works.

I say good on Facebook.
The more stories like this pop up, the easier it might get to convince people to use diaspora or other self-managed networking methods.


Desperate to try and make itself seem like it was worth the incredibly high share price, shameful!

I don't use facebook, but I get how it works. Wouldn't this alleviate the spam messages from dummy accounts trying to promote whatever it is? Also, for "famous" persons, this could be useful, to sift out through the spam they get, and onto more pressing, or important letters or fanmail? Or.. something.

I don't know, but it really doesn't sound like that bad of an idea at all, when you put it into this perspective.

Meh, I'll get back in my hole now.

No wonder they tried to move everyone to a @fcebook.com email address. So now their plan is to try and stop people sending emails unless you are on their contact list??

FAIL big time. Just another reason not to use facebook email.