Xbox 360 Customers Can't Connect To Apple AirPort Extreme

On the Apple's tech support forum, customers reported that the new AirPort Extreme recognizes the Wii and the PS3 but not the Xbox 360 unless all security, including password protection, is disabled on the AirPort Extreme. The high-speed router, released late last month, is useful to gamers because it supports the latest Wi-Fi standard 802.11n (previous Wi-Fi standards were too slow to be reliable). Neither Microsoft nor Apple have disclosed the reason for the problem although, according to users using the Apple discussion forum, at least one Microsoft tech claimed Apple didn't get Xbox certification for the AirPort.

News source: InformationWeek

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"previous Wi-Fi standards were too slow to be reliable"

Uh ok. I only used my original XBox on wireless for 95% of the time and it works fine. Tho I don't use it anymore because MS never released a firmware update for the module to support WPA... it only supports WEP which damned if im going to use that now that I have a station that can run WPA.

AirPort Extreme is nothing but a nice looking bookend. It the biggest piece of crap I have ever come across as a wireless device. The range on it is absolutely crappy for the price you pay. You could get a Linksys n router or Netgear n router for cheaper with way better performance. Oh btw the XBOX 360 will connect to an Airport Extreme but you have to set up the Airport admin utility to WEP 40bit or 128 and change the radio to G only.

i dident think anyone could use N yet...

and 54MB/s is faster then any home broadband service available in the US. so how can that be too slow?

Theres been Pre-N for about over a year now which potentially had compatibility issues between different manufacturers. I think now theres also a draft-N which is based off the draft papers for the N standard and thus should be more compatible between manufacturers although its still not guaranteed to be compatible with the final spec.

In all honesty its all been a bit of a shambles getting these standards out and having companies jump the gun.

Shouldn't a router "just work" with any system that has a driver for its own wireless card? I'm no expert in hardware, and even less of one in wireless internet, but a router is a router; it sends out the data if the user verifies the WEP key (or other protection/none at all). So, what does Apple or Microsoft do differently?

I thought A was recommended for streaming video content to to the 360 (as the wireless adapter for the 360 by MS is an A)?

So according to this story, about 5 Mac owners that have 360's can't connect? Waaa! Waaah!

(previous Wi-Fi standards were too slow to be reliable)

Well, that's nice, considering none of those consoles support 802.11n. I guess online gaming for the rest of this generation will continue to be too slow.