Xbox 360 exclusive 'State of Decay' being remade for Xbox One

Undead Labs' popular Xbox 360 zombie game "State of Decay" is being remade for Xbox One, the developer announced today, with its release set for spring 2015.

According to an announcement video released by Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Xbox Live's director of programming, the game will be fully remastered for 1080p, with Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain saying it will also include "enhanced animations [and] enhanced effects." In addition to the graphical upgrades, "State of Decay" for Xbox One will include all previously released Xbox 360 downloadable content.

Strain said Undead Labs will add "some new content – some new mission types as well," though details on the additions will come "closer to release."

"State of Decay" was one of the most popular downloadable games ever released for Xbox 360, selling 550,000 copies in about two weeks. A PC version of the game was subsequently released through Steam. Earlier this year, Undead Labs signed a "multi-year, multi-title" deal with Microsoft. At the time, the duo said the first announcement of a game resulting from the deal would be made in 2014, likely referring to the "State of Decay" remake. 

Source: Major Nelson

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Quite a nice game. Play in a rather large open world, find a shelter, manage your group, gather supplies and do missions. The campaign is quite nice too.

I just don't like the persistent world feature; meaning that if you quit and then come back, it won't be the same; some group members might be missing or dead, base supplies might be low and some of the supply locations on the map might be empty.

it's a completely different type of game .

It's a half decent game but it's not a classic like the last of us. Certainly nowhere near as good.

d5aqoëp said,
Can this beat PS4's "The Last of Us"?

As others have mentioned, they're very, very different. It's not as polished as "The Last of Us," but it's still a great game.