Xbox Live & Zune services will be offline starting Monday

We hope you weren't planning any all night Halo 3 fests for tonight, or needed to download any new music tomorrow, because in just a little over 4 short hours, both Xbox Live and Zune online services will be offline for possibly as long as two days.

Larry Hryb (AKA Major Nelson) earlier this week announced on his website that Microsoft will be taking the Xbox Live service offline starting at 12:01 AM PST and that it will be down for possibly 24 hours. In addition, Cesar Menendez announced over at Zune Insider that, beginning at the same time, Zune services will be down for possibly 48 hours.

Hryb and Mendendez have outlined that during this service disruption the following services will be offline. Xbox LIVE, the 'My Xbox' section of, Zune Social, the Zune Marketplace and both the forums and the forums will be in read only mode.

While Hryb acknowledged that this maintenance window is in preparation for the new Xbox experience, it will not include that update or any other new features for users of either service. The Xbox Live and Zune's online services are interconnected in many areas including some contact list & profile sharing as well as the "Microsoft Points" currency system.

The new Xbox Live experience is expected to be available later this fall. Is it possible that both systems will be down to further connect the two and that when the new experience is finally rolled out that Zune will take center stage on the platform?

Updated: One of the best ways (other than following Neowin) to keep track of this downtime is to follow Major Nelson on twitter. At last report, server work is "on schedule."

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I think Zune will just get better with time with their updates like xbox 360...I can't wait till the release of windows mobile 7 (delayed again till 2010 and is feeling like vista) Hopefully the zune app they've included will be as compelling as using full fledged zune. Let me tell you what i am awaiting in the near future. I am definitely awaiting more integration with xbox, a yearly xbox live + zune subscription for $120 a year or less, zune for windows mobile 7, and i think that's it for now (maybe divx on the zune)

I'd be more worried about people having mental breakdowns and/or committing suicide/homicide because they can't play their games.... Yes, it's that important to some people.

24 hours for Xbox Live anyone know when it will end GMT?

I completed GTA4 ages ago but wouldn't mind doing a few side missions, what's the betting everyone's gamer card is going to be GTA4 as last played game or Single Player games collecting achievements :P, personally I just like to complete the games. Least I have my PS3 to go online with as well :D.

The idea of extra integration between Zune and 360 sounds great and all....but when exactly will the rest of the world get the Zune?!? far as I know, it's only available in North America. I would of seriously considered getting one but I got an iPod instead cause the Zune is not sold here (Australia). Yeah I know I could of imported one, but doesn't that void the warranty, since your no longer in the country the warranty is valid in?

Odd, They are definitely sold here (Israel). Unless you mean the new Zune 120's and such, which i can't see yet, but we definitely have older devices available.

(chaosblade said @ #5.1)
Odd, They are definitely sold here (Israel). Unless you mean the new Zune 120's and such, which i can't see yet, but we definitely have older devices available.

I also live in Australia and I've never seen a Zune here, anywhere. They're completely non-existent. What's taking Microsoft so long?

This must be a major upgrade/update coming if they have to take down those services for at least 24 hours to prepare/set them up

Here's hoping to being blown away when the updates for the users swing through

Yes the New Dashboard Experience coming in apparently November, this is backend work you wont see anything different on the front end yet according to Major Nelson.

Further integration would be smart of them. The Zune is really a great device and the Zune Software is excellent. Pairing it up further with the Xbox 360 might get it into the spotlight a bit more