Xbox Live Gold media apps to be unlocked this weekend

Microsoft has been adding a number of streaming video apps for Xbox 360 owners to download and use over the past several months. However, normally all of them require a paid Xbox Live Gold account to use. This week, Microsoft is allowing all Xbox 360 to try out their various media apps for the next several days.

The promotion is called Entertainment Unlocked and it will run from Thursday, April 19th to Monday, April 23rd. During this time, apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Crackle, Vudu, and others will be able to be accessed for non-Xbox Live Gold members.

In addition, if you have never tried out Netflix's streaming movie and TV service in the past, the Entertainment Unlocked promotion will allow anyone to view Netflix content for free without a subscription. The same is true for the Hulu Plus and Epix apps as well. In fact, Hulu Plus will provide the user with one month of free access via this new promotion.

The downside? This unlocking of Xbox Live Gold video content does not extend to the gaming side of the Xbox 360. In other words, you won't be able to play any online multiplayer games this weekend on Xbox Live without first paying up for Xbox Live Gold.

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If I pay for Netflix, then I must also pay for XBOX Live in order to use netflix in y console. Sorry but no. The correct thing would be for Microsoft to release Netflix for free, like BBC demanded they did for the BBC player.

Sounds like a good promotion to me. If the rumors of a new smaller media specific 360 device are true then who knows what that will bring with it. We could see different pricing if this rumored device is true.