Xbox One Anthem video features Bill Gates, J.J. Abrams and more

The first part of Microsoft's Xbox One press event today featured an introductory video featuring lots of people talking in general terms about how the next Xbox console was going to be, well, the coolest thing ever. What's really interesting about the video is that it features well known people from Microsoft and the gaming industry, alongside regular folks helping to start the marketing wheel on the Xbox One.

The start of the video has Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates, but the clip continues with appearances by former Microsoft Xbox execs like Robbie Bach, J Allard and Ed Fries. Apparently the men who helped to create the original Xbox console back in 2001 are more than welcome to help Microsoft promote the new Xbox One product. Oddly, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer doesn't show up in the clip.

The video also contains quick cameos with major game developers like Cliff Bleszinski of Epic's Gears of War and just regular Xbox console fans. We even see some people who are normally outside the game industry make appearances in the clip, such as newly announced Halo: The Television Series producer Steven Spielberg, Dreamworks Animation head Jeffrey Katzenberg and "Star Trek Into Darkness" director J.J. Abrams.

Source: Xbox on YouTube

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I thought this was a great way to kick off the event. It was so cool seeing so many big people in the gaming industry, as well as awesome community members.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft's emphasis has shifted to games and away from computer Operating Systems. The Windows-8 (debacle?) further confirms this corporate shift of emphasis. Will there be a viable upgrade to Windows-7 for business/enterprise users?

What on earth are you talking about? Who said they are shifting away from computer Operating Systems? Xbox is just one of many branches of Microsoft's ecosystem, particularly the Entertainment branch. They are still heavily focused on operating systems (Windows - which provides the backend for Xbox, Windows, Windows Phone, etc.), services (e.g. Office,, SkyDrive, etc.) and devices (e.g. Surface, and more). Windows 8 is already a viable upgrade for Windows 7 enterprise users. Why? Because, many already use it (for example at our corporate office, which is a Fortune 500 company). There has not been a single bit of loss in productivity, in fact it's increased with Windows 8 with it's enhancements along with the new Office. People who don't think it's a viable solution have obviously not given it a proper try and often seem to just listen to people's silly rants in these forums. It's the same as Windows 7, only better. If the metro interface is what scares you away, then simply don't use it; because you barely even have to use it, except for initial startup and launching apps that are not already pinned on your start bar or desktop. Geez.

The product is too new for us consumers to feel attached to it and want to care for it.
This approach worked much better with windows 7. This should of been released after E3.

Please don't speak as if you represent all consumers. It's your opinion, so own it as yours and yours alone. The Xbox brand has been a household name since the first release almost 12 years ago. It's a tested brand, hardly new, so the Xbox One is in a manner a known product, with some upgrades. In addition, Microsoft would be stupid for releasing this commercial after E3. The introduction of the hardware is meant to whet the appetite of those awaiting new games on the new system...which will be shown at E3.

The Xbox One is a brand new product, hello? The new Xbox is sold as a All-in-ONE product for the living room, its focus is no longer being sold as a game console. Much higher price tag, different target audience, the hardware has been upgraded to support multitasking and using it as a Multimedia device. Keeping the "brand loyal" or hardcore gamers happy obviously wasn't there main objective. This product is sold as a family/living room device.

E3 has a lot more consumer viewers than the unveil, and those viewer are more susceptible to the products, most of the crowd at the unveil was reporters and employees. Microsoft's presentation at E3 always includes some ad during there presentation (similar to above) about why the product is great and some behind the scenes. The console Is still new at E3 and that is when we get all the other information about the Xbox One that we still haven't received yet from the unveil. Hell most of the information about the ps3 and the console it self will be revealed at E3. The unveil was to get consumers pumped up for E3, like a tease. You can't honestly think Microsoft is revealing the New games at E3 so consumers won't buy the Xbox One. E3 is the perfect time to release the ad when consumers have to decide do they want the One or Ps4 after watching both presentations.