Xbox One multiplayer and store services currently experiencing small service disruption [Update]

Xbox One owners in the U.S. and other parts of the world might be having problems signing up to use some online services. The Xbox Live status pages for different markets shows that customers might be experiencing problems with multiplayer and online store purchases.

The U.S. Xbox Live status page shows that the issue is confined to one game, "Call of Duty Ghosts" and one mode in that game, "Squad Assault". Players are unable to join that mode but Microsoft's message says they are working with their partner Activision "on getting you back into the game as quickly as possible." The issues began in the afternoon hours on Monday.

In the U.K., it's another story. Their Xbox Live status page shows that in addition to the "Call of Duty Ghosts" problems, customers cannot use pre-paid cards or codes in the Xbox One's storefront. Those same problems are affecting France, Germany and other regions.

There's no word on what might be causing these hiccups, but they seem to be the first such case of online problems with Microsoft's new console since it launched last week. We will update this post when these problems are fixed.

Update: The "Call of Duty Ghosts" multiplayer issues have been fixed but the European regions are still dealing with not being able to use pre-paid cards or codes in the online store.

Source: Xbox Live in U.S. and U.K. | Image via Microsoft

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This is reported incorrectly, as usual. I'm in the US, gamming and social are working right this minute. the Xbox site says it is COD that is having the problem, not the MS network. So many people need to take their head our of their a__ to get a clear view.

I saw it offline for two hours already on the Xbox support page.
Maybe good thing my Xbox One is not coming today yet. (Hopefully tomorrow..)

Audioboxer said,
It's from MS official site, why would John Callaham have to validate this?

because, it wouldn't be nearly as news worthy if 99.9% of everything works. It's like saying "The internet is down" when its just down at your house..

I'm sorry, COD is having match making problems so lets post an article that makes it appear as if the entirety of Xbox live is having problems.

Figures you were the first one here to champion the problems too