Xbox Video update allows users to recover movies purchased on Xbox 360

When Microsoft updated the Xbox Video app for Windows 8 and Windows RT earlier today, its release notes gave the vague description of "performance enhancements and feature updates." Now one of those "feature updates" has been discovered: the ability to restore previously purchased videos that weren't showing up in users' video libraries.

The feature should be welcome news to users who purchased movies on the Xbox 360 version of the Xbox Video app, as many movies purchased through that app didn't show up in the Windows 8 and Windows RT app. Now, a user can click the "Restore" button in the app's preferences (located under the "Purchases" subhead) to recover videos that weren't properly syncing with the app, so long as the rights for those videos are applicable for playing on a PC.

Some videos purchased through the app on an Xbox 360 don't include the right to download them to a PC (and vice versa). Those videos will still not be playable after clicking the Restore button. Similarly, rented videos are only tied to a single device – if a user purchased rented a movie on the Xbox 360, for instance, that movie will only be playable on the Xbox 360.

Examples of what the Xbox Video app for Windows 8 and Windows RT looked like prior to the update and following the update can be seen below.

The Xbox Video app for Windows 8 and Windows RT prior to the app's update earlier today.

The Xbox Video app for Windows 8 and Windows RT after the app's update earlier today.

Thanks for the tip, JimmyJamesRoS!

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As usual, the update made the app worse, now when you are playing a video and you navigate to another part of the app the video stops playing instead of playing in a mini player like it used to. And some videos on my home server now no longer show up. Typical Microsoft.

S3P€hR said,
Should have been there in first place-
Thanks for the insightful comment. I hope Microsoft hires more people like you.

Before you can play this video, please plug the kinnect so we can observe how many people that would actually watch this video.

Thank you for your cooperation.

You know, Microsoft can do some interesting things if they get real creative with the Kinect. I can totally see what you described happening. Get free Microsoft Points!