Xerox profits and revenue rise during first quarter

Xerox managed to increase its profit margins during the first quarter of 2011, information released by the company states. The Xerox Corporation's revenue for the quarter soared, and costs relating to the acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services were cut. The company's net income was $281,000,000, which works out at around nineteen cents per share. In the same period a year before, the company lost $42,000,000; around four cents per share. As the New York Times reports, sales of Xerox-made products increased 16%, reaching an overall of $5.47 billion dollars.

Sales of equipment and supplies, surprisingly, did not change vastly during the time period, despite the large increase in revenue. Analyst Keith Bachman of BMO Capital Markets described the changes as the following:

“It’s uninspiring,” Mr. Bachman said. “It’s a reasonable report, but it doesn’t give anybody a reason to go out and buy the stock.”

Xerox has been downsizing its business, including the loss of 5,000 jobs during 2010, in order to integrate the business more readily with Affiliated Computer Services. The takeover could eventually prove massively advantageous, however, as the company could save up to $375 million. Xerox has said that their rising revenue does not reflect their sales quite accurately, as the company experienced issues due to the earthquake in Japan. A joint venture between Fuji and Xerox allows Fuji to distribute Xerox-manufactured goods in Asian countries, including Japan and China. While the Fuji Xerox factory was not damaged by the incident, the earthquake disrupted supply lines and caused other issues for the factory.

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MPS (managed print service) is where things are headed. If you're business is strictly hardware, eventually you will be left beind. MFP (multifunction printer) is where things are. Having a plain ole copier, fax & separate printer are obsolete these days. It wouldn't surprise me if the b&w copier will be history in a few more years. Color has come WAY down from what it was just 10 years ago. Integrate the standard office copier with an integrated fax, scanner, printer, email, document storage and it makes the work flow easier. But, as long as we have an intrusive government, along with 1,253,950,392 (it seems like anyway) lawsuit happy lawyers, there will still be the need for printing documents. I quit printing things a few years ago, and just scan everything to PDF.

Yes, because our school just bought (rented??) 15 xerox copiers along with papercut software.... they are about as useless as anything, I take art design and photography clases and the useless sack of s*** things take up to 1/2 an hour to print... you get charged $$ even if nothing prints.

We found a way to print without paying as well. A **** easy exploit

Epic0range said,
I keep forgetting Xerox is still around.

how? they are a huge company doing more then just copiers.. one of their largest things is document management systems