Xfire suing Gamespy over Comrade

Well we all figured this would happen, and now it has. Thanks to Gamespot for the story.

Electronic Arts' futuristic first-person shooter Battlefield 2142 seems to be an unfortunate magnet of controversy that centers around other companies. Earlier this month, a user agreement inserted into copies of the game regarding IGA Worldwide's in-game advertising technology incorporated into the game sparked cries of spyware from some gamers--cries IGA Worldwide flatly denied. Now Battlefield 2142 is caught up in a legal tangle between rival in-game instant messaging programs Xfire and GameSpy Comrade. On October 16, Viacom-owned Xfire filed suit against News Corp subsidiary IGN Entertainment over its GameSpy Comrade program, which comes on the Battlefield 2142 disc. IGN Entertainment also owns IGN.com, a GameSpot competitor. Xfire is claiming that GameSpy Comrade's "Buddy Sync" feature illegally infringes on its copyrights. Buddy Sync retrieves users' friends lists from other instant messaging programs like AOL Instant Messanger and Xfire, and gives players the option of automatically inviting those friends who have GameSpy accounts to join the users' friends lists on Comrade. View: Full Article @ Gamespot

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bah, there needs to be an IM standard. There are too many out, all mostly incompatable.

Imagine not being able to send an email from outlook to gmail, because only gmail users can email other gmail users.

It's silly

What needs to be made is the Universal Messaging System. UMS will work in games, across games, etc. In your text line in WOW, you could IM a friend playing Battlefield 2. Without the need for an overlay or anything.

Wait, is it me or is Xfire suing them for the wrong infringement.
To my knowledge, you can't take a list of friends from MSN, AIM, or ICQ and import them into xfire.

As far as the inviting people to join comrade, I've not used it, but at the same time what the hell is XFIRE worrying about?

Have you seen the list of games that comrade supports for ingame messaging?

Perhaps xfire should get off their collective asses, and update the UI a bit.
It's tired and old, and the user submitted ones available for download aren't much better.

Xfire's had a corner on the market since it came out. I welcome a bit of competition to push them.

This is stupid. is Xfire supposed to be the only company allowed to make an IM that interoperates with games ?

That'd be liek AIM/ICQ suign all other IM makers.

as for the UI.. it's a freaking IM, how many ways can you make the GUI

As for Buddy sync, I'm pretty sure other IM clients ahd that before, I know Jabber did, and MSN did, but not quite the same. so it's hardly something they invented

i find xfire a great product glad there suing gamespy cos there release on comrade was a direct rip off even the UI was the same , cheeky buggers

I never liked xfire much, but then again I never cared for Gamespy much either. So really, I couldn't care who wins, as long as it forces both companies to actually release a decent product for once.