Yahoo closing several products, including Yahoo Axis and AltaVista

Much like how Google periodically reveals plans to shut down some of its older products, Yahoo announced late on Friday plans to sunset a number of its websites and services, including one that's been around for 18 years.

Yahoo's Tumblr page reveals that it will finally shut down what's left of the AltaVista search engine on July 8th. Launched in 1995, AltaVista was one of the most popular search engines on the Internet but later lost ground to Yahoo and Google. Yahoo acquired AltaVista's parent company in 2003. There have been rumors that Yahoo would close AltaVista as early as 2010, but now it's official.

Yahoo also announced that today is the last day for the Yahoo Axis web browser plug-in program. The company revealed Yahoo Axis in May 2012 as a way to offer faster web searches but apparently the plug-in never caught on. Yahoo says that after today the plug-in will no longer work. Yahoo also released Axis as a mobile app and that will keep working but will no longer be maintained.

Other services that Yahoo will be shutting down today or sometime in the next few months include Yahoo WebPlayer (closing June 30th), Yahoo RSS Alerts (closing July 1st), Yahoo Downloads Beta (closing July 31st) and the Yahoo Local and Team Extraction APIs (September 28th).

Source: Yahoo | Image via Yahoo

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Max Norris said,
At least they left Pipes alone, the one Yahoo service that I still use.

Same here! Pipes is the one Yahoo service that I really use. I use it to combine several feeds, and only show items with certain keywords. I also take the feed from another site, and remove certain categories that I don't care about. I've even used it to create a RSS feed for a site that doesn't have one (by using the "Fetch Page" feature which is now oddly labeled as "deprecated").

I've always had a feeling that Pipes would close eventually though. And I'm kind of surprised that they haven't done it yet. I guess if it does close I could write some scripts to do the same tasks, but Pipes sure makes it a lot easier.

Almost wish ALL of Yahoo would shut down now a days. They have so much bloat written into ALL of their pages, it slows down any computer some what. With some of the old junk computers I work on, it's almost unusable!

Their new e-mail DEFINITELY sucks green donkey d**k!

As far as Altavista, I still use that every once in a blue moon just because it DOESN'T have the full bloat of a Yahoo page and it ISN'T Google!

As far as what Sszecret said, anybody that has gone to Altavista knows immediately that it's powered by Yahoo, so doubt very seriousoly if you're the only one that knows that!

AltaVista is powered by Yahoo and Yahoo is powered by Bing and Bing is powered by Google and Google is powered by your personal info lol

Shame about Axis - it has potential. Also sad day to see Alta Vista go - my search engine of choice in the early days before Google

Am I the only one who didn't know about AltaVista being a part of Yahoo?
As for Axis, I forgot that thing even existed...

Out of pure mindless curiosity I went to those sites just now. Completely abandoned parts of yahoo for many years it seems.

However, I won't know what to do if they dare mess up the My Yahoo page. Unlike Google Reader where you aggregate multiple new sources in a single updated column throughout the day, My Yahoo is the only decent site left that allows for multiple RSS news columns 3 wide on a page. None of this silly scroll one column in a frame BS. Since when did everyone think it was a great idea to scroll scroll scroll and ****ing scroll all day long? I have a 1900x1200 monitor, so I think it should be damn near possible to shove in my face as many news headlines as possible. I wouldn't even know of a site other than My Yahoo that does that so well plus that slick 'personal assistant' email notifications, stock quotes/bookmarks that it has.

Yet it seems people have moved on to something else like Facebook, these Google readers and whatnot. I don't get it. I can't seem to find these things better at displaying a hundred links on one page in an organized efficient manor. Maybe I'm too set in my ways. heh

Well Yahoo's finance and sports sites are still way over Google's so I guess they are fine in those areas? Hell with Altavista, those days are LOOOOONG gone.

Is Lycos any part of this? Or Angelfire? Internet history is at stake Hot juicy steak... ahh......

Seriously though, that would be sad, all those old digimon fan sites are all that's left of the internet past.. If they go, there's nothing left.

Altavista? Noooooooooooooooooo!! Funny how they turned down Google back in the early days when Google was looking to sell their tech!

warwagon said,
Altavista? Noooooooooooooooooo!! Funny how they turned down Google back in the early days when Google was looking to sell their tech!

Google was nothing at the time and was not important until later on. was bigger then Google at the time.

And AltaVista itself was ex-DEC (it was started as, believe it or not, a publicity stunt to push DEC UNIX and the Alpha AXP it was designed for) - it is, in fact, the last part of DEC that is visible.

People still use Yahoo! as a source of news and as a homepage (people like my parents...). It also has millions of e-mail users, too.
And now: Tumblr!