Yahoo Mail Beta Receives Update

Yahoo Mail Beta is now faster, bug-ridden and has a few new features. Support for Windows Vista has been added as well as Mexican, Argentinean, American Spanish Indonesian and Malay translations of the client. The Mail team has also added weather information to the welcome page, has improved the calendar, the search functions and the navigation options.

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News source: BetaNews

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Quote - DanManIt said @ #6
I don't see the weather information part, does anyone else see it?

I don't see it either, my alt-click version ID says 0.4.0 build 314.42 12/19/2006 6:59 PM. In fact I don't see any of the upgrades they were talking about... maybe it didn't roll out?

It's funny how Yahoo! Mail looks more like Outlook than WLM.

And about the spam... yes, I've not used my Yahoo! Mail account for years now because of the tremendous amount of emails I get from Nigeria claiming to be the Prince of the country, the son/daughter of Yasser Arafat, the 3rd Cousin of the Queen etc etc. Stating they will pay me £1,000,000,000+ if I give them my credit card details!

My Credit Card is: V15A
Card Number: 1337 0773 4347 5417
Expiry Date: 99/99
Start Date: 66/66

w00t! Maybe I can afford a PS3 now! Yippee!

... In the mean time, I'll stick to Hotmail

would love yahoo to explain why i get 500+ spam emails a week and i dont even give out my yahoo addy, ohhh well least my main hotmail account only gets 10 a week i can handle that

Try like a 1000+ a week here. I tried one time to cancel my account for 90 days, thinking Yahoo would reject all that mail and turned it back on after 90 days, in a matter of minutes I had hundreds of spam mail in my box.

I just don't get these people. They let fake domains send mail to them without doing any domain check on the mail, they let forged time stamps, they don't even let there users perform a true block of the e-mail. There sad excuse for a block is that the mail goes into the bulk folder.

If any Yahoo mail admins are on here, Kick my white arse! I hate you all! You suck!!

Oh and good morning and happy holidays to everyone else.. I love you all.. Just not the Yahoo bastadges. No love for Joo!!


Makes sense to me. Yahoo! probably made some simplifying assumptions to make things faster and the assumptions were false which created more bugs. Not to mention the additonal bugs introduced by the new features.