You can still get a Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $14.99 ... if you lie [Update: loophole closed]

Thursday was supposed to be the last day that most people were able to buy a legitimate upgrade for their old Windows PC to Windows 8 on the cheap. However, it appears that Microsoft's Windows Upgrade Offer website is still sending out promotional codes that will let users get that same upgrade for a mere $14.99.

If you recall, that's the price that people paid for the upgrade if they bought a new Windows 7 PC between June 2nd, 2012 and January 31st, 2013. However, that website is still up and running and, if you just flat out lie and fill in the online forms to indicate that you bought a new Windows 7 PC in between those two dates, the web site will send you two emails that combined will give anyone a Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $14.99. This website is supposed to continue to offer this $14.99 discount until February 28th.

We have emailed Microsoft to find out if they plan to do anything to close this huge loophole.

Update: Microsoft has now apparently closed this loophole that we used earlier today and is now requiring that you also type in your Windows 7 registration key that you get when you buy a new PC as part of the $14.99 upgrade offer.

Source: The Next Web | Image via Microsoft

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I would have thought the offer would only allow one discounted Windows 8 upgrade per person.
Unless you bought 3 new PC's with Windows 7 pre-installed during the promotional period.

That's right. Originally way back in like September this loophole existed, and you could just register without needing to enter your serial key. But MS fixed it a week or so later and since then you've had to enter your key.

It's a John Callaham article so that explains why it's so crap.

The guy in the picture needs a haircut and shave. What is up with Microsoft's media team putting pictures up of such rough-looking people? It was completely different back in the 90s/early 2000s - people shown has class.

And he has tattoos as well! Yuck. That would put me off. Modern fashion...

Even if I can get it for $14.99, I still don't have the motive to do so. I just can't find any reason to upgrade.

So some stuffy, old, clean-shaven guy in a suit is what you want? Get out of here. It's 2013, and people can be themselves. Surprise.

Wasn't the 14.99 deal meant to end last night? Today in my email inbox I got a new message saying you have until the end of Feb. I didn't see any news on this site of it being extended.

The date for purchasing a computer ended, the offer can still be applied for for 30 days or so.. What about people who bought a computer on Jan 31st 2013, they still need time to apply... get it now, this isn't a loop hole. Microsoft can check for a valid product ID via a request if they wanted to.. in all honesty they probably want to sell at many as they can

Good move from MS!. This time around the haven't being so stupid. They are actually more concentrated on getting market share than squizzing pennies out their customers.

Im talking about upgrading for $14.99. I just got mine yesterday and my Dell computer is about a year old. That is not the typical MS. But they know that at that low price at least customers won't fly to the competition like,"ubuntu", etc. If they need to.

MacD@ddy said,
Just tried it. Doesn't work. Asks for a Windows 7 key.

I applied for my discount codes months ago, but the way it worked for me was if I used Firefox, the web site asked for a key. If I used IE then it didn't. Your mileage may vary.

Thanks Neowin. I work for a company that doesn't volume license and I registered 4 pc's today. I received emails saying I need to do it again... Requiring windows 7 licenses which I rip off my machines so employees can't steal and sell the keys. They're stored in a folder... I don't remember which is which.

Yes... It's happened before. It's why I do it.

Sead Horvat said,
Why to upgrade to this Frankenstein OS anyway? Win 7 perfectly fits all my needs.

Wow, holy off-topic troll batman!

I have a code just to stare at, I'll never use it, waste of time to install, check out the lovely apps, wow, fart to cry baby apps, just wow, 7 all the waay

then why in the world are you wasting your time writing that up in a windows 8 story since you obviously have no interest in it?
the world's a big place, go do something worthwhile... troll.

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