YouTube Geek Week Easter Egg gives the site a UNIX overhaul

Google is known for putting in Easter Eggs in its various websites, such as the recent discovery of a Breakout game when searching for image results. This week, yet another odd Easter Egg was outed by Google itself as part of its planned to launch a Geek Week event on YouTube.

In a post on the YouTube twitter feed, Google asks folks to figure out what the following code unlocks:

We won't spoil just how the code is unlocked but once you figure it out (or searched online to find the answer) you type in a certain search string on the website to come up with the following change to the site itself

The UNIX look certainly will take a lot of long time Internet and PC users back to the 1980s and 1990s, where text displays were the norm and a 56K modem was considered to be a speed demon. The whole thing is a way to put some attention to Geek Week, which runs on YouTube from August 4-10th. The site will host a number of special videos with a geek or tech theme from a variety of popular YouTube channels.

Source: YouTube on Twitter | Image via Google

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figgy said,
I like puzzles. But, this one was way too easy though.

Totally agreed. Took me a second to notice the base, before that I was in the wrong case and it didn't make much sense. Read all first, it is easy. They could have added some extra steps for fun.

That was EXACTLY my thought when I clicked through. Is it wrong I like the green CRT better than the site as it is now?

It looks like what I do all day at work, heh. Is there a word for 50% amused, 50% horrified? "I'm at home! No more SSH sessions! This is a safe zone!"

I rather prefer trustworthy computing to "Easter eggs".

No way someone would take code that has no business being there in the first place and try to exploit it.

Yes I often find hackers going on youtube exploiting the poor users because if you search for a specific term it loads a different page, completely....

It was easy to figure out but it's a good try. I guess some might not be able to figure it out. I used to work with that stuff so I picked it up after I looked at it for a second.

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