YouTube interface updates

After going widescreen last month, YouTube has now updated its UI and added a rather large search bar to every embedded video.

As you can see from the embedded video below, there is now a big search bar across the top section of the video. The whole site has had a UI overhaul to refine the look of YouTube. There is no mention of the changes, which will likely be criticised, on the YouTube blog.

Yesterday YouTube announced stricter standards for mature content. In a blog posting, the company announced plans to age-restrict "sexually suggestive" content. Videos that are considered sexually suggestive, or that contain profanity, will be algorithmically demoted on YouTube's 'Most Viewed,' 'Top Favourited,' and other browse pages.

What do you think of the new look?

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Now it just looks stupid imo, it was alright and I don't mind the wide screen and some of the HD changes but now its just gone to far.

Why does everything (Im thinking about my favorite download manager which just added a huge search bar, and Xfire, which just decided to add search bars everywhere) KEEP ADDING BLOODY SEARCH BARS??? I can no search the internet from ANY application that is running on my computer! too bad if i ever want to do that i just open up IE/FF....

I wish there was a way to remove them all, like msn

There's something about the new search bar on the actual site that seems a bit... off, design wise. Not that it matters too much. I like that you can now upload a new directly from the search bar instead of having to go to your profile, go to video, upload new video, etc. Also, I noticed how they've moved the "account" drop down box to your profile name. Not entirely sure why they changed that, but hey, I suppose it works.

I like how your recent activitiy such as ratings, commenting, etc, has all been moved to one box. What I still don't like is how I can't view all of my recent activity, and am still limited to the last few updates. However, I do like that I can now delete a certain activity if I don't want it on my profile (i.e. rating porn 5/5).

Also, you can now change your status message. Slightly redundant, as no-one will probably care, as you'd have to go out of your way to have a list of latest status updates for your friends. However, if they do change it to a slightly more "Facebook" style homepage where you can get a list of friends' status updates as well as their latest activity.

Speaking of this, I *love* how I can finally view all of my friends latest activities, instead of finding out a couple of friends latest activity. It's still a little annoying however how it choses a "latest" activity from a friend who added something to their favourites 8 months ago, instead of the awesome video a friend uploaded only 2 days ago, but alas.

Small update on the thumbnails, now the time is stamped on the thumbnail and not in text next to the thumbnail. I assumed this was changed so you can view the time of the related videos in the embedded clip, but this isn't the case. Perhaps this will happen soon?

Overall, good changes. They're not major, and probably won't affect my daily browsing (for now), but I can see how they're trying to add in more social networking features.