YouTube to Introduce High-Resolution Videos

YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, speaking at the NewTeeVee Live conference today, confirmed that high-quality YouTube video streams are coming soon. Although YouTube's goal, he said, is to make the site's vast library of content available to everyone, and that requires a fairly low-bitrate stream, the service is testing a player that detects the speed of the viewer's Net connection and serves up higher-quality video if viewers want it. Why wouldn't they? Because the need to buffer the video before it starts playing will change the experience. Hence the experiment, rather than just a rapid rollout of this technology. On stage, he said the current resolution of YouTube videos has been "good enough" for the site untill now.

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I've seen so many news about YouTube and Vimeo or Veoh trying to compete but none of these site even come close to what Stage6 offer. Not only that Stage6 support resolution up to 1080p but it also support H.264 and HD... You can do real full screen without any quality degredation. Why stick with what's known through media source. Why not actually try a better site?

Krome said,
ah... first one on Neowin that mention Stage6... I dunno why Stage6 hasn't been in the news yet...
Because it is using Divx Web Player, wich is total crap! :/


Pippin666 said,
Because it is using Divx Web Player, wich is total crap! :/


I respect your opinion on that matter. To me, I still think DivX Web Player better because (correct me if I am wrong) DivX plays AVI directly without having to run it under another level of decoder. My assumption is that the Flash videos does not interface directly with AVI wrapper. The Flash decoder has to decode the video back to AVI to have it play through the windows API. Again, I am not an expert on the video realm. I think that Flash video has it's limitation as oppose to DivX format.

gasp!!! someone's been stealing my youtube poop videos and sticking them on there! the nerve... good thing we got 3day blinds!

h.264 is kewl isnt it?

so this will mean that uploaders need to use a different format and more time on the internet to upload soon?

Also, some may see their videos at some lame lowres format?

Dear oh Dear oh Dear.

You need to upload the full video anyway, YouTube does the encoding and downsizing on their side. All videos are being encoded in h.264 for use on AppleTV, iPhone, and the iPod Touch anyway, and if someone wants to keep uploading smaller, lower quality videos, they still can.

nemo said,
vimeo did it already.

Be that as it may, Vimeo is not you see the problem, hardly anyone knows Vimeo; but everyone knows YouTube!