Zemana AntiLogger Free

AntiLogger Free is a powerful application that protects your Windows computer from keylogger attacks. It encrypts your every keystroke deep into your computer's core and delvers decrypted data directly where you are typing it. No one will be able to steal your information. All they are getting is as valuable as a shredded document. AntiLogger Free protects all the application you use. Unlike anti-logging tools that work with only one specific application such as your web browser, AntiLogger Free protects every application on your computer. Lightweight and seamless, AntiLogger free is easy to install, requires no configuration and does not slow down your PC.

AntiLogger Free Protection features:

  • Keylogger attacks from identity thieves and criminals
  • Protects every application on your computer, and not just your web browser
  • Stops keyloggers by scrambling every key that you type instantly, quietly, effective, in the background
  • Even if the keyloggers capture your keystrokes, all they'll see are highly encrypted random characters
  • No confusing options to set. The Free version scrambles every keystroke, and protects everything that you type

What's new in this version:

  • Fix a bug saving promotion related settings inappropriately.
  • Fixed a bug preventing shortcut keys on Google Reader / Google Documents and Morhipo.
  • Fixed a bug related to autocomplete of web based emails.
  • Fixed a bug related to GPG4Win Kleopatra.
  • Fix a bug related to Steam Browser.
  • Fix a crash related to World of Warcraft.
  • Core Changes in hook module.
  • Fix a bug related to Poker Heaven.
  • Fix a bug related to LogMeIn browser extension.
  • A lot of minor bug fixes.

Download: Zemana AntiLogger Free | 2.2 MB (Freeware)
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Hmm, wonder if this works with Teamviewer. Being that it has a Bug fix for Logmein...

Edit; doesn't appear to work with Teamviewer. Boo, says I'm protected and using there "test logger" it logged keystrokes.

Edited by Klownicle, Mar 6 2013, 5:58pm :

The way in which Windows handles keystrokes is fundamentally flawed and insecure. Even programs running in Sandboxie with limited rights can still capture keystrokes. There's only so much software like this can do. Since most keyloggers are some form of malware, your best protection against them is simply an antivirus.

For legit keyloggers (ones you install yourself), some antivirus software can be configured to detect these as well. For example, Avast has the option to "scan for potentially unwanted programs".